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Rimward Periphery adds 497 new star systems to the base game's 200, expanding the star map in all directions. Includes New Syrtis, Andurien, Grand Base, Canopus IV, Alphard, Astrokazky, Niops, Badlands, Erod's Escape and other key systems. Work in progress.

Permissions and credits

The Rimward Periphery initiative is a major part of Interstellar Expeditions astronavigational research efforts conducted by our volunteers and is dedicated to providing an extensive and accurate star system database available to the general public, and as a supplement of the official navigational charts provided by ComStar.

The project was born from the initial cartography effort made by the Hyades Rim mod, which took Morphyum's original work on the Inner Sphere Map mod ( as an inspiration to create an different and smaller scaled map. As the mod eventually reached more than 200 completed systems and more planned, I decided to separate them and make all of the new star systems available to the base game, as a stand alone version free to download and use with other mods.

This project is available publicly to contribute at GitHub -

The mod is available to download and play at Nexusmods -

For feedback, discussion, etc., use the #rimward-periphery channel at the Hyades Rim Discord server -


This project adds 497 new systems to the existing 200 of the base Rimward Periphery star map and in the 3025 BattleTech era. With the current map height its coreward section expands to stop at 250 light-years from Terra, and the rimward border is pushed to roughly 600 light-years from humanity's cradle. Finally, the map's length is roughly 1000 light-years.

The new systems added by this map are divided into several subgroups of worlds (and their implementation status):

* Capellan Confederation (Liao): 29 habitable, 17 abandoned, includes Grand Base, Betelgeuse and Warlock (IN PROGRESS)

* Capellan Marches: 7 habitable/abandoned systems (COMPLETE)

* Federated Suns (Davion): 78 habitable systems, 18 abandoned, includes New Syrtis (IN PROGRESS)

* Free Worlds League (Marik): 65 habitable, 19 abandoned, includes Andurien (IN PROGRESS)

* Hyades Rim: 45 habitable/abandoned, includes Badlands Cluster, Erod's Escape and Randis IV (COMPLETE)

* Hyades Rim (new): 25 habitable/abandoned, all original systems (COMPLETE)

* Magistracy of Canopus: 33 habitable, 27 abandoned, includes Canopus IV (IN PROGRESS)

* Marian Hegemony: 13 habitable, includes Alphard (IN PROGRESS)

* Marik Expanses: 5 habitable/abandoned, includes Astrokazky, Niops and Skyfog (IN PROGRESS)

* Marik Expanses (new): 13 habitable/abandoned, all original systems (IN PROGRESS)

* Outer Rim: 105 original systems used to mark the outer map border, unplayable Deep Periphery worlds (IN PROGRESS)

* Taurian Concordat: 14 habitable, 8 abandoned (COMPLETE)

* Undiscovered: 9 habitable/abandoned, Deep Periphery worlds, include Farhome, Frosbisher, Helios, McEvedy's Folly, Midden and Pioche (IN PROGRESS)

Future Development

The new star map is designed for the 3025 era, and it is possible to make a 2750 version to use in Age Of War, Reunification War, Fall of Star League and 1st Succession War scenarios. Eras posterior to 3025 are also possible, just a matter of work!

All of the new systems use the base factions, in the future new canon factions may be added: political entities like the Duchy of Andurien, Capellan March or Marian Hegemony; or special operations teams like the DEST, Death Commandos and Rabid Foxes.

However, one possible future idea would be to expand the map corewards by 50 light years, which would include Atreus, Sian and St. Ives, along with the Tortuga Dominions, Lothian League and Illyrian Palatinate by adding 200 to 300 additional systems to the current existing ones.

Help Wanted

This initiative is also open for anyone to participate by updating the current systems, or to expand the map by adding new ones, and be properly credited for any contributions. However, the intention of this project is not to display the entire Inner Sphere and Periphery, but to focus on its rimward areas.

Regarding content for the star system descriptions, all current writing is original, mostly based on the articles contained on There was a deliberate effort made on my part to avoid using any the info contained on the Inner Sphere Map mod files, to force me to be creative and not be dependent on the ISM mod for Hyades Rim.  


* Hobbes (Hyades Rim mod)

* Camicon Dachass (Liao worlds)

* MegaMek (coordinates for several of the Marik Expanses and Hyades Rim connector systems)

* Morphyum (original Inner Sphere Map mod)