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3094 takes place in an alternate timeline, Space AT&T Failed at Tukayyid and the clans have nearly occupied the entire Inner Sphere.

Permissions and credits


3094 is set in the same periphery map from the base game, with the borders changed.
You can work for all the usual factions plus ComStar, Rasalhague, Jade Falcon, Wolf and Ghost Bears.

Faction spawning is setup, which means fighting Clanners should only spawn clan mechs, fighting pirates gives any IS mech plus custom mechs like shanky or groovy.

All mechs from the base game have been updated to use Mech Engineer and with extra mechs from the CAB gives around a total of 400 mechs.

Custom salvage and Loot magnet provide a far better salvage system to the base game.

Shops are completely overhauled with clan planets selling clan equipment and Inner Sphere planets selling IS gear.

I may integrate CaC in the future, but just me making this mod and importing new assets is a lot of work!

There is 2 versions of Mortars/Thumpers 1 for HBS mechs and 1 for Non-HBS mechs.

Posting snippets from logs in the comments here is not helpful in finding why you have a problem, so please join discord if u need help.

(Discord is a chat program like whatsapp/line etc just 50x better)

There maybe bugs, I'm 1 person not an army of minions.


If you want to add mods feel free, some will work with 3094 some will not. Best to ask me first incase I know if it will or not :)

Mods included with Vanilla Plus
BattletechPerformanceFix by m22spencer
Better AIby amechwarrior
cFixes by amechwarrior + Community
CBTBehaviours by FrostRaptor
Commander Portrait Loader by Morphyum  and JamieWolf
Custom Components by Denadan
Custom Salvageby Denadan
FYLS by Janxious
Give me Death by JK -
Adapted for Mech Engineer
Give me Kell by JK - Adapted for Mech Engineer
Inner Sphere Map
by Morphyum and JamieWolf - Customised a lot and not the entire IS map
Logo Replacement
by Mpstark
Loot Magnet by FrostRaptor
Mech Engineer by CptMoore and Denadan
Melee Mover by Morphyum
Panic System by Gnivler
Pilot Health Popup by Mpstark
Repair Bays by Raok and donZappo
Skip Intro by Mpstark
Streak SRM Launchers by mad234269

Install Guide

Install the CAB to your main battletech folder "steamapps\common\BATTLETECH\Mods" not "\Documents\My Games\BattleTech\mods"
Extract 3094 to
Run ModTekInjector.exe in the "BATTLETECH\Mods\modtek"
Enjoy the game with added stompyness

This mod collection will not work with HBS's mod loader, only ModTek

If for any reason you don't like any of the included mods removing them is simple and will not impact a new game.

Say for example you dislike the SkipIntro mod, just delete the folder with the same name.

Folders with the following names are essential and will break the game if deleted:
  1. BattletechPerformanceFix
  2. CommunityAssets
  3. CustomComponents
  4. MechEngineer
  5. Modtek
  6. StreakMissileLaunchers
  7. z3094ArtyFix
  8. z3094COREMechEngineer
  9. z3094MechsMechEngineer

Stopping specific mech's from spawning:

Say for example you detest a certain mech, lets use the Xenorauder for
example open the relevant mechdef in a text editor (I recommend

At the very top you will see this

Add the line "BLACKLISTED" and make sure to add a comma at the end of the line above it, so it would look like this image

This will stop the xenorauder from spawning in missions but will not affect anything if you already have the mech