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This mod adds Rotary and Hypervelocity Autocannons, and Improved Advanced Tactical Missiles.

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Not all Mechwarriors are content with the current weapon selection. We understand it.
We of the 105th Minnesota Cavalry mercenary company firmly believe that you can never be too rich, too good looking, or too well armed. To that end, we present a humble collection of tools for the discerning mechwarrior looking to upgrade his arsenal.

Firstly, for all those who prefer range over firepower, we present the Hypervelocity Autocannons.
These weapons, while identical to their standard, common versions in the damage departament, have greatly increased range, enabling skilled shooters to engage opposition at previously unheard of distances. Currently, the HVAC/2, HVAC/5 and HVAC/10 are made available for all those who desire such a weapon.

When the enemy just needs to be dead, it needs to be a Rotary Autocannon!
In contrast to the standard autocannons, and their Ultra variants, Rotary Autocannons fire a burst of six shells, dealing unprecedented amounts of damage, outdoing even their largest conventional cousins! Enthusiastic mechwarriors need to be aware of the ammunition consumption, however, as our RAC's are permanently set to six-shell burst and can burn through ammo very rapidly. Also, they generate a considerable amount of heat per each burst, something that also should be considered when using these weapons. They are available in RAC/2 and RAC/5 variants.

If, like us, you are dissatisfied with the performance of conventional, long range missile weaponry, then Improved Advanced Tactical Missiles could be just the weapon to replace them! These highly sophisticated homing weapons, while having a shorter effective range than standard long range, indirect fire weaponry, are significantly more accurate than their standard counterparts, and while they fire less missiles per volley, their damage output is vastly superior. The available models include iATM3, iATM6, iATM9 and iATM12

Mechwarriors and mercenary commands looking to diversify their loadouts should also take notice of our new Inferno iATM3. This weapon functions almost like a standard Inferno SRM, but it's damage capabilities are greatly enhanced, and it can be fired indirectly, like other iATM weaponry. Inferno iATM launchers come pre-loaded with enough ammunition to fire five volleys.

Perhaps the most advanced tool in our inventory, the Improved Pulse iATM3 is a unconventional and very powerful weapon. While dealing near to no damage by itself, this weapon is meant to destabilize and disrupt the inner workings of any battlemech subjected to it. The effects are varied, ranging from simple engine disruption, which can cause considerable overheating, slowing the responsiveness of the affected mech's servos, to scrambling electronic targeting systems. Similarily to our Inferno iATM's, IMP weapons also are pre-loaded, and can fire up to five volleys per engagement.

If you are in need of such weaponry, visit the marketplaces on Ahlat,Alloway, Cate’s Hold, Thurrock, Diefenbaker, Antias or Herotitus.