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Adds a powerful artillery cannon, available in shops.

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Let’s get real for a second, Mechwarriors. Mortars SUCK ASS.
There’s no way around it, however you would try to defend these accessories. When they were announced, we thought we would get a proper powerful long-range fire support weapon, and instead we got what? A glorified, near useless novelty grenade launchers, having lower range than a direct fire large laser weapon (and someone dared to call them artillery!) dealing next to no damage and way too heavy for a single-use weapon. Thumpers are marginally better, but still have the functionality of a weapon drafted and assembled by a drunk, blind Smoke Jaguar (on that note, we strongly deny any involvement in its creation, as it was hinted by a up-jumped Windows calculator squatting on a derelict space station).

Therefore, to meet the demand of all Mechwarriors and mercenary commands in need of a reliable, powerful field artillery weapon, we proudly present the SNIPER RIFLE ARTILLERY CANNON.

This weapon, when mounted on any suitable platform, can turn it into a proper self-propelled artillery. Being a mostly static, long range fire support weapon, the range of this piece is enough to cover the entirety of any battlefield in a variety of conditions, and can be used immediately after the detection of a hostile unit, even before actual visual contact. Powerful HE shells, used by this piece can tear apart any light and medium mech or land vehicle, and deal significant damage to heavier units in their blast radius. It uses an internal ammunition rack and automatic reloading mechanism, enabling the operator to fire up to ten rounds per engagement.

It must be noted, however, that a weapon of this magnitude has significant drawbacks. The most visible is the bulk of the weapon, taking all the space in one of the torso compartments. That’s right. All of it. The second is its considerable weight, comparable to a full battlemech loadout. Therefore, it is not recommended
to install this piece on any light or medium mechs, or lower-tonnage heavy units. This weapon is also unable to provide sustained, continuous fire, due to
its automatic reloading system, requiring some time to ready a new shell. Finally, a mobile artillery piece is not a common or cheap addition to any
arsenal, and should be considered with the company budget capabilities in mind.

As a sidenote, like all artillery pieces, this weapon is not guaranteed to work on third-party battlemechs, as was repeatedly observed when using mortars on
non-standard platforms.

If you areinterested in obtaining such a weapon, visit the marketplaces on Ahlat,Alloway, Cate’s Hold, Thurrock, Diefenbaker, Antias or Herotitus.