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Just as the title says, this mod adds a bunch of new murder tools for all you psycho Mechwarriors out there.

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Do you get furious when a bunch of unwashed pirates turn out to be better armed than you?
Do you want destructive power in your hands, yet you have no room in your ride for a UAC/20?
Do you want to roast some serious (insert your most despised clan/house/merc/pirate outfit or Comstar here) ass and have fun while doing it?
If the answer is “HELL YEAH!”, then we have the weapon just for you! For all your soldiering needs, fellow Mechwarriors, we present the ultimate weapon to
surpass all weapons, the PLASMA RIFLE!

This implement of destruction, brought to you by the fearless Mechwarriors of 105’th Minnesota Cavalry, a renowned and decorated mercenary outfit, and thoroughly on various soft and hard targets, will let you bring pain and ruin to those foolish enough to stand in your way! No armor can stand before it’s destructive might, melting even assault mechs to slag in mere minutes and wreaking pure havoc on their internal systems!

If you feel like it’s high time to show your opponents where they can shove their Ares Conventions, but consider Flamers to be lame and obsolete try our newest,
home-grown Plasma Cannon, a thermal projector with unparalleled destructive capabilities, from which even the best thermal sinking systems cannot protect!
A few shots from this monstrosity will disable any opponent, leaving them defenseless to be destroyed at your leisure! (yes, we know, this weapon wasripped from a cold, dead clanner scrapheap. So what? They don’t deserve nice things anyway!)

And finally, if you would like to try something different, give our Plasma PPC a spin! It’s a design appropriated from the failed prototypes, made by World Of Bleh
(and put together WAY better than those fanatics could ever make it), merging all the pros of a PPC with the power of a Plasma Rifle!

Due to the recent limitations in technology, all our weapons (with the exception of the Plasma PPC, which is powered like any energy weapon) come with pre-loaded flash cartridges, so you don’t have to waste space on extra ammo! The cartridges can be refilled by a certified technician in mere minutes while off-duty!

If you are interested in our fine selection of deadly implements of pain, visit the marketplaces on Herotitus, Antias, Cate’s Hold, Alloway, Diefenbaker, Ahlat or Thurrock (we refuse to do business with Capellans or Taurians. Because they’re bitches.)

Invest in one of our weapons and smite all who stand against you!

 Current projects involve:
-Fine-tuning weapons to a higher standard
-Development of a independent ammunition feed system
-Visual recombination for a more intimidating firing effect!