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Simply allows your commander to learn every ability possible.

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Mod for BattleTech
Simply allows your commander to learn every ability possible.Most GUI elements won't show all of them, and the mechwarrior specialization has no names for more than 3 abilities.
(For compatibility reasons i will not chage these, but if you want to, you are free to do so.)But in battle, all 3 active abilities (Multitarget, Sensor Lock and Coolant Vent) are shown and useable, all passive abilities are active but
they don't have a button.
(Works the same way as Kamea in the later Campagn missions.)

As of version 1.1 you can change affected mechwarriors in the mod.json. Set All to true to affect all mechwarriors or add/change pilot tags. (Default is still only the Commander).
In any case, only player mechwarriors are affected, since AI doesn't levelup its mechwarriors.

As of version 1.2: Now adding pilot abilities on savegame load, if the pilot is valid. Fixes cases when you add the mod after training your pilot and saves
edited by the savegame editor.

Compiled for Battletech 1.9.1 / ModTek 0.7.7

ModTek mod (HBS Modloader might work, but I never tested it), simply put it into ModTeks mods folder
(Battletech Mod Manager (BMM) compartible, never tested Vortex)