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Want to use a Battlemaster or Dragon but put off by acting later than other mechs with the same speed? Think it is silly that your Banshee E3 goes several phases after that Urbanmech? Now you can play with all mech and vehicle initiatives determined by speed, rather than weight.

Works with default Modloader.

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Initiative phases for mechs and vehicles are based on their MaxWalkDistance variable found in their movement file.

For mechs:
Initiative 5:  >= 209.0, aka the special phase.  Locust, Spider speed or faster
Initiative 4: >= 164.0, aka the light mech phase. Phoenix Hawk, Vulcan, Jenner, etc.
Initiative 3:>= 139.0, aka the medium mech phase.  Dragons, Quickdraws, Griffins, Shadow Hawks, etc.
Initiative 2: >= 119.0 aka the heavy mech phase. Battlemaster, Blackjack, Centurion, Banshee 3E, etc.
Initiative 1: anything slower than the above.  Atlas, King Crab, etc.

For vehicles:
Initiative 5: 229.0, or anything even faster than Locust.
Initiative 4: 189.0 or Jenner speed and up.
Initiative 3: 164.0, or Phoenix Hawk speed and faster.
Initiative 2: 139.0, or Griffin speed and faster
Initiative 1: all vehicles slower than Griffin.

The cut off points can be adjusted in the settings.json file to suit your own preferences.  if you don't want mechs falling into Initiative 5, just make the number nice and big and none will.

Works with equipment like the Cyclop's lance initiative buff and pilot initiative buffs.  However, initiative is limited to just those 5 phases, so a Spider Pilot with Master Tactician in a lance with the command Cyclops will still be moving at Initiative 5.

I've tested this with the game's built in mod loader, and it worked, so Modtek isn't required.