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Adds tags to The Hyades Rim to make it compatible with JK Rarity Tables

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For those of you who like the flavor JK Rarity Tables add to Battletech contracts, but also want to sample the factions and starsystems of HyadesRim, this is for you. Have your cake and eat it too!

This mod adds all the appropriate faction tags like "unit_rare_Faction" to all of the units covered by JK Rarity Tables, and adds complete tags for the new "Pirate" variants from HyadesRim.

It is also compatible with JK_Variants if you have that installed, although there is significant overlap between that and HyadesRim - it just depends on which version you prefer. 

Load Order

Please make sure the mods load in the following order:

(JK_Variants_XXX - Optional)

Standin Mech Models:

Personally, I find it very distracting to have the additional Mech Variants that use Alternate Vanilla or CAB Models (Example: Shootist, Crockett, Firebee, etc)

I have added (disabled by default) the option to remove any variants that do not have a dedicated Model (CAB or Vanilla) entirely and prevent them from spawning. You can disable this (or reenable) by deleting the mod.json in "Z_JK_Rarity_HyadesRim", and copying the appropriate "KEEP" or "REMOVE" mod file back to mod.json. Rest assured, the rarity tags (based on JK Rarity) are still complete for all Variants, so the option is up to you. (Note: this feature may not remain stable between releases of Hyades Rim or Battletech due to an issue with ModTek that will hopefully be resolved in a later release of ModTek. If you get
"ModTek died!", disable this feature by swapping the mod.json)

Thanks to @JustinKaseToo and @Hobbes77 for their awesome work and help. and also to the many contributors to the CommunityAssetBundle. Also thanks for @Mpstark for ModTek and tech support.

Disclaimer: This mod is not directly associated with JK Rarity or Hyades Rim, and it makes no changes to the core files of either - all effects can be removed by simply setting the mod.json to "false" or removing the folder