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Galaxy at War adds sandbox play to BattleTech! Now all the factions of the Inner Sphere will be vying for dominance in the galaxy. Track their changing alliances as they carve out pieces of their worst enemies and watch Pirates bring them to their knees. Jump into the fray and directly impact the war and earn great rewards for your help!

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In Galaxy at War, the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere will not simply wait for a wedding invitation to show their disdain for each other. To that end, war will break out as petty bickering turns into all out conflict. Your reputation with the factions is key - the more they like you, the more they'll bring you to the front lines and the greater the rewards. Perhaps an enterprising mercenary could make their fortune changing the tides of battle and helping a faction dominate the Inner Sphere.

NOTE: Career Mode Only!

General Mechanics
  • Hit Control-R at any time to see the current state of the Factions fighting for dominance.
  • Each planet provides Attack and Defense Resources based upon their production and value to their faction. You can see this information on the Navigation Map when you hover over a system.
  • Difficulty of systems are directly correlated to how many attack and defense resources a system provides.
  • By hovering over a planet on the Navigation Map you will also see the percentage control of factions currently vying for dominance on a system. If one faction has 25% more control than the second-most dominant faction on the list, they will take control of the system.
  • Any remaining control on planets that are stolen from a faction will be converted to attacking resources. This may cause a system to flip back to the control of the original owner through organized resistance.
  • Every contract you take will swing control from one faction to another. This swing will be listed on the contract screen. More difficult contract types will have a significantly increased impact upon faction control.
  • Higher skull systems will take much longer to flip control as the defending faction will be devoting more focus to defend their more valuable systems.


  • Bonuses in the form of c-bills, salvage bonuses, or bonus XP will be provided for contracts taken in support of Deployments or Escalations.
  • Factions that you have a good reputation with will offer Priority Contracts to undertake Deployments in systems that that are particularly valuable for them to conquer. If you accept the travel contract to these missions you will be forced to take a mission at regular intervals. This Deployment will last until the planet has flipped control or is sufficiently defended from attacking factions. You will receive a penalty to your reputation with this faction if you leave without finishing the Deployment.
  • Travel Contracts in the form of Escalations are provided to systems that are of minor interest to the providing Faction. This support will last for 30 days once you arrive at the system. No penalty for leaving before the end of an Escalation.
  • Contracts on the border between two factions will spawn significantly more contracts for the adjoining factions.

Special Faction Rules

  • Pirates will become active throughout the galaxy and steal resources from systems. Their total resources stolen will be listed on the Faction Summary Sheets (Control-R) and the planet will display a decrease in total resources. 
  • ComStar will jump in to help preserve Galactic Balance and will throw their support to whichever faction is doing worst in the Galactic Conflict. 
  • Local Factions will defend only and will not take over systems from other factions. They may still retake previously held systems through revolt, though. 
  • Faction alliance will be formed and enemies will be made based upon the eb and flow of attacks in the galaxy. Factions are much more likely to spend resources attacking enemies than neutral or friendly neighbors.

Star Map Features

  • Systems outlined in red are experiencing heavy pirate activity.
  • Systems outlined in purple are valuable targets for the factions whose space you are currently in and can possibly spawn Escalations.
  • Priority flagged systems are Deployment targets.
  • Systems outlined in yellow are systems which have recently switched control.

Installation Notes:
  • Requires ModTek. 
  • Copy the GalaxyAtWar folder into your BATTLETECH\Mods directory. 


This mod takes inspiration from Morphyum's WarTech mod, the previous standard in Battletech sandbox play. Parts of Morphyum's code was also utilized from WarTech, ContractSort, and RandomTravelContracts.