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Unlimited Tonnage for player's mech only. AI do not have access to this. Comes with 2 flavor - almost balanced version and cheat version.

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Unlimited Tonnage for player's mech only.


Inspired by Chuck's AI-Proof Weight and Heat Mod which is sadly no longer update and most likely will never be.


This mod adds new equipment that will allow you to add more stuff onto your battlemech. Small increment is also possible so you can avoid that annoying unused tonnage warning message.

How it works:

There are new heatsinks (well not really as it doesn't sink any heat) weight -1t -2t -4t -8t -16t and -32t. When you equip those badboys, you will gain more available tonnage on your mech. Unlike other tonnage cheat mod that gives flat bonus (chances are the bonus is either not enough or just too much, forcing you to give up some stuff and armor or leaving you with the unused tonnage message), you can fine-tune your bonus to your exact needs. No more message. No more guns left behind.

Need 27 more tons? - Equip 24t, 2t and 1t.
Need 3 more tons? - Equip 2t and 1t.

Comes with 2 versions:

Almost Balanced - Equipment cost 10,000 Cbill per ton, More tonnage bonus = larger item, No heatsink or any other capability.

Cheat Version - Equipment cost 100 Cbill per ton, More tonnage bonus = 1 slot item, Heatsink capability 2 heat per ton. (32t is nearly equal to around 10 vanilla heatsinks)



Probably works with any other  mod. No promises.

Works on existing savegame. Just travel a bit and let the store refresh their inventory.