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Adds the sneaky flanker and backstabber mech, the Assassin, to BattleTech, complete with a new mesh. This is a redux of an older mod and supercedes that one.

Permissions and credits
The Assassin Is Here! Again!
With the Annihilator Redux out, I figured it was time to power out the other early mech I made, the Assassin. Here's where I give you a peek behind the curtain for a second, if you don't care then just skip down to the Nitty-Gritty. So, the Assassin was originally built very very poorly. Like, hilariously poorly. Insultingly so. I'm astonished people didn't call me on it, looking back it was just garbage. It was built on the wrong skeleton (the Jagermech) for reasons I cannot recall, it had lines in the mod.json/hardpointdef that could crash the game if you did the wrong thing (luckily no one ever found that, that I know of), it was abysmally textured, it was just garbage. Now, I've fixed all that. It's built on a much better skeleton (the Firestarter) meaning it has the right size selection circle, is properly scaled, and actually punches when you melee instead of that silly shoulder push. The jsons are all cleaned up and are in line with modern standards. It has spotlights and jumpjet flares. It's just a huge improvement. Hopefully, you get a new lease on life with the upgraded Assassin.

The Nitty-Gritty
The Assassin is a 40 ton light mech that comes with three variants. All of them are faster than the devil himself, armored with papier mache, and carry an eclectic weapon mix of missiles and lasers. All of them jump as well, though the -101 jumps less than the -21/-23. The base variant is the ASN-21 and carries a LRM 5, SRM 2, and a Medium Laser. Both launchers have 1 ton of ammo and the -21 carries 7 jump jets. The second variant is the ASN-101, which has the same loadout as the -21 but adds a trio of Small Lasers at the cost of half a ton of armor and 2 jump jets. The third variant is a 3050 upgrade, the ASN-23, that uses all Star League technology so I felt it was good include here. It carries a Medium Pulse Laser and a LRM 5 with an ArtemisIV tracking system with a ton of ammo.

The Assassin is a ModTek mod, so you will need ModTek. You can find it here: ModTek. However, the Assassin comes in two versions, one of which requires an additional mod to work. The Assassin comes in a vanilla version for the vanilla game and comes in a MechEngineer version for those players who are using MechEngineer (if you're not sure which one you're using, check the photos above to see what a MechEngineer MechBay looks like, if your
MechBay looks different then you want the vanilla mod).

Bugs and Quirks
As a mech mesh ported from MechWarrior Online, the model isn't perfect and
has a few minor issues. However, thanks to the process we have been
using, there are far fewer issues than my other mechs have, especially better than its predecessor.
  • Texturing is still not perfect, it is a little shiny and bright in places, if you don't like it, use dark colors, they help a great deal
  • Only the following weapon models appear on the Assassin: SRM6 mh1/2, LRM10 mh1/2, Laser/Flamer/PPC eh1/2 (left torso); Laser eh1/2/3, PPC/Flamer eh1/2, AC5 bh1, MG bh1 (right arm); SRM6 mh1/2/3, LRM10 mh1/2/3, AC5 bh1/2, MG bh1/2, Gauss bh1, Laser/PPC/Flamer eh1 (right torso); Laser/Flamer eh1 (head)

The Future
There is the Roughneck to do, and after that there might be some special stuff, we'll see..

Special Mention
GentlePayload and Colobos remain great friends and great sources of aid and advice. Thanks, to both of you. Extra thanks to Colo for the cockpit coloring.