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An unofficial expansion to the BATTLETECH game based on 3025 lore that includes tons of additional 'Mechs, vehicles, variants, lore distinct factions that field lore correct lance compositions, more varied shops, and all while preserving vanilla balance and gameplay.

Permissions and credits
BattleTech Extended 3025
by Haree78 and Justin Kase (see credits for other contributors!)

Adds a ton of 'Mechs, vehicles, and variants that are all 3025 lore compliant. All factions, and their shops, will use 'Mechs and vehicles based on what they should be using -- most of the time they will use stuff that is common to them, but with chances of rarer 'Mechs and Vees, or other factions gear based on the likelihood within the lore. This rarity is done extensively using the 3028 random assignment tables for BattleTech.

This is meant to be an expansion to the vanilla game, adding large amounts of variety and some surprises, but without changing the balance or gameplay unless to further the 3025 flavour.


Tons of 'Mech variants/chassis that are lore-legal/non-LosTech for the period of 3025
  • A few of the new 'Mechs use resized models from other less iconic 'Mechs where they make a good match to the original art
  • Some small changes were made to adapt to HBS BattleTech, so no rear facing medium lasers on the Atlas!
  • New weapons/components where appropriate

Factions/Houses are far more distinct from one another
  • use their lore-appropriate rarities on both the battlefield and in their shops

Light/Medium phases of the game should last longer to be more true to BattleTech lore
  • Starting lance has had power slightly lowered
  • There is a lot more to discover in these phases!

Vanilla balance and gameplay preserved
  • No radical changes to the gameplay that you already like!
  • Hardpoints of new 'Mechs and variants should be balanced around vanilla

Includes new integrated mods

Does not require a new save game, though making one is recommended for the full experience!


Requires ModTek (0.7.1 or later) -- follow the install guide!
  • Recommended that you start with a fresh "Mods" folder including deleting .modtek folder

Requires the Community Asset Bundle (3.4 or later)
  • Both the installer and the single-folder/no-installer version work

Drop all folders from the BattleTech Extended 3025 zip file into the Mods folder.

After installation your mod directory should look mostly like this.  .modtek should be deleted, and SkipIntro/temp directories can be ignored if you don't have them.  If you used the installation file from the Community Asset bundle rather than the zip you will also have a ton of mech based directories like "Colo-ArcticWolf".
If your directory is different and you have unexpected problems then you need to start the installation process again, trying to fix your directories to look like this wont fix your issues!

Happy hunting Commander!

Here is a video example of how to install generously created by Edmon.  One addendum would be that it is super easy to use your save and uninstall Extended 3025, just sell all Extended based mechs and salvage, then sell any command consoles, you can now safely delete Extended content from your mods directory and carry on with your save as a vanilla save.

Installation Issues
95% of all installation issues can be solved by verifying files in Steam and deleting your \mods\.modtek\ folder.

Known Issues
  • Some 'Mechs appear the wrong size or in 1 case doesn't appear in the 'Mech bay, their inclusion outweighs the down side of this, trust me -- hopefully this can be fixed in the future
  • Very minor UI issues rarely in the 'Mech bay, you may need to confirm twice to a 'Mech rebuild for example


Many people contributed to the making of this mod. Thank you!

In no particular order,

ModTek Team
  • mpstark
  • CptMoore
  • janaxious
  • m22spencer

CommunityAssetBundle (CAB) Team
  • SolahmaJoe
  • GentlePayload
  • Bloodydoves
  • Colobos
  • B4CKF1SH
  • LtShade
  • JustinKase
  • LadyAlekto

cFixes Team
  • Amechwarrior
  • DrBuckarooBanzai
  • Justin Kase
  • scJazz2
  • Sheep-y
Compatible Mods
AIM Attack Improvement Mod
Basic Panic System
Better Base Defense
Flashpoint - The Raid
Protect the Mechs

Mods that don't work with Extended 3025 out of the box
ANY mech mod will not work, it will show up ALL the time
Apocalypse Armaments
CBT Balance Overhaul
Vehicle Improvement Project
XAI BattleTech Flashpoint

Future Features
  • Mechs and variants appearing based on the date (already happening, this will be expanded)
  • Selectable starting year
  • Optional full Inner Sphere map
  • Additional contracts/Flashpoints based on the timeline
  • More 'Mechs and Vees!

Further Future Features
  • Flashpoints that have you pivotal in certain actions of a war with the turning of planet control based on the results
  • Even more lore based 'Mechs, contracts, and Flashpoints

  • Very minor UI issues rarely in the 'Mech bay, you may need to confirm twice to a 'Mech rebuild for example