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Adds the "I'm actually a plane, guys" mech, the goofy but fun Champion, to BattleTech, complete with a new mesh.

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The Champion Has Arrived!
Man, what can I say about this one? This mech is just silly. It's the last of the canon 3025 designs we have in MWO that isn't already in BattleTech, it looks like a plane, it has serious heat issues, it's just a weird design all around. Honestly though, I kinda like it. Hopefully you will too (especially the -1Nb)!

The Nitty-Gritty
The Champion is a 60 ton heavy mech that comes in 4 variants. All of them are as fast as a Quickdraw or Dragon and all of them are underarmored for being a heavy mech. The base variant, the Champion-2N, carries an AC/10 with two tons of ammo, a SRM 6 with one ton, and a pair each of Medium and Small Lasers. It however only has the basic ten single heat sinks, so heat is a real concern. The Star League original variant, the -1N, is the same except that it carries a more powerful LB-10X Autocannon in place of the AC/10 and it has Artemis IV for the SRM launcher. It still carries the same ten single heat sinks though so heat is still a real issue. The -1N2 is a Star League-era field modification that became a refit kit and is precisely the same as the -1N except that it has double heat sinks. The final variant, the -1Nb, is a much more powerful take on the Champion. Equipped with double heat sinks, it drops all weapons from the Champion and replaces them with a Gauss Rifle with 16 shots and an ER PPC, making it a powerful sniper mech.

The Champion is a ModTek mod, so you will need BTML and ModTek. You can find them here: BTML and ModTek. However, the Champion comes in two versions, one of which requires an additional mod to work. The Champion comes in a vanilla version for the vanilla game and comes in a MechEngineer version for those players who
are using MechEngineer (if you're not sure which one you're using, check
the photos above to see what a MechEngineer MechBay looks like, if your MechBay looks different then you want the vanilla mod). Also, due to the -1N and -1N2 carrying a LB-10X, Weapon Realizer is recommended so that the weapon works properly.

Bugs and Quirks
As a mech mesh ported from MechWarrior Online, the model isn't perfect and has a few minor issues. However, thanks to the process we have been using, there are far fewer issues than my other mechs have.
  • Texturing is still not perfect, it is a little shiny and bright in places, if you don't like it, use dark colors, they help a great deal.
  • Only the following weapon models appear on the Champion: Laser/Flamer/PPC eh1, SRM 6 mh1, LRM 15 mh1 (both arms); Laser/Flamer/PPC eh1/2/3/4, SRM 6 mh1/2, LRM 15 mh1/2 (left torso); AC5/Gauss/MG bh1/2/3/4 (right torso); Laser eh1/2 (center torso)
  • DO NOT PUT MISSILES IN THE RIGHT TORSO. It causes an infinite loading wheel crash due to a bugged prefab in the bundle, do not do this. If you do and then ask me for help, I'll probably just laugh at you because I warned you. :P

The Future
There is the Roughneck to do, and after that the Annihilator and Assassin reworks are in the pipeline.

Special Mention
GentlePayload and Colobos remain great friends and great sources of aid and advice. Thanks, to both of you.