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Adds the classic Star League Defence Force mech, the phenomenally powerful Nightstar, to BattleTech, complete with a new mesh.

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The Nightstar Has Arrived!
And here we are, with another mech, this time the first assault I've done on its own since my very first, the Annihilator. I've learned so much since then that it's wild to compare the two. This mech was smooth sailing and grew on me too. I already liked the Nightstar but now I really like the Nightstar. Hopefully, after seeing it in game for yourself, you will too.

The Nitty-Gritty
The Nightstar is a 95 ton assault mech that comes in one variant (though, see below). The Nightstar-9J carries a withering amount of firepower, sporting two Gauss Rifles with seven tons of ammo, an ER PPC, two Medium Pulse Lasers, and a Small Laser in the head just for good measure. It also carries 18.5 tons of armor, almost as much as an Atlas, making it incredibly hard to destroy, and its 14 Double Heat Sinks keep it firing everything constantly. The downside is that the Nightstar-9J is built around an XL Engine, which is a weakness at times.

Normally, this is where the Nitty-Gritty would stop as there's no other era-legal canon variants of the Nightstar. However, I didn't want to release a mech with just one variant so I have created an era-legal downgraded non-canon variant for this mod. If you don't like that idea, just go into the mod and delete the chassisdef and mechdef for the Nightstar-7J. As for the -7J itself, it has a standard engine, standard heat sinks, a pair of AC/10s, a PPC, two Medium Lasers, and a Small Laser, with five tons of AC/10 ammo.

The Nightstar is a ModTek mod, so you will need BTML and ModTek. You can find them here: BTML and ModTek. However, the Nightstar comes in two versions, one of which requires an additional mod to work. The Nightstar comes in a vanilla version for the vanilla game and comes in a MechEngineer version for those players who are using MechEngineer (if you're not sure which one you're using, check the photos above to see what a MechEngineer MechBay looks like, if your MechBay looks different then you want the vanilla mod).

Additionally, the Nightstar-9J relies on an XL Engine and internal Double Heat Sinks. These are not replicatable in vanilla without serious work, meaning that though there is a vanilla version of the mech, you're not getting the intended experience. I highly recommend MechEngineer for this. A link to MechEngineer can be found here: MechEngineer. There are detailed instructions on its use, follow them carefully.

Bugs and Quirks
As a mech mesh ported from MechWarrior Online, the model isn't perfect and has
a few minor issues. However, thanks to the process have been using, there are far fewer issues than my other
mechs have.
  • Texturing is still not perfect, it is a little shiny and bright in places, if you don't like it, use dark colors, they help a great deal.
  • Cockpit is untextured, the process for doing so doesn't really work with the Nightstar.
  • Only the following weapon models appear on the Nightstar: Laser/Flamer/PPC eh1/2, MG bh1/2, AC10 bh1, AC5 bh2, Gauss bh1 (left arm and right arm); Laser/Flamer/PPC eh1, SRM6 mh1/2, LRM15 mh1/2, AC10 bh1, Gauss bh1, MG bh1 (left torso); Laser/Flamer/PPC eh1/2, SRM6 mh1/2, LRM15 mh1/2, AC10 bh1, Gauss bh1, MG bh1 (right torso); Laser eh1, SRM6 mh1 (center torso); Laser eh1 (head).

The Future
There is the Champion and Roughneck to do, and after that the Annihilator and Assassin reworks are in the pipeline.

Special Mention
GentlePayload and Colobos remain great friends and great sources of aid and advice. Thanks, to both of you.