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A RogueTech mini module.
A collection of weapons that bring the aspect of death more certain towards your mech warriors. Be careful to not take a wrong step and get eviscerated.
They are only found on special mechs.

Permissions and credits
A RogueTech mini module.
It needs and its configured for the RogueTech 0.994.

Drop the folder in Battletech/Mods to install mod.

This module comes with the following weapons:
  • Rotary AC/10 (C) - A clan envisioned Rotary AC/10, 4 shots, 60 damage each.
  • Rotary AC/20 (C) - A clan envisioned Rotary AC/20, 4 shots, 80 damage each.
  • Railgun (DS) - Down Scaled version of the already found one in-game, to be able to be mounted on normal mechs. Mountable only on the CT. 225 damage +/- 50 damage variance (175-275).

The following gear has also been added:
  • Stealth (C) - An improved stealth system with +2 max evasion and +2 generated evasion, at the cost of more heat passively produced and more weapon heat % generated then even NSS. But it basically has free CASE. Also is quite more expensive to mount, so beware.

Note, this aren't supposed to be balanced, nor lore friendly, its stuff I have wanted for some time.

RAC20 Urbanmech, to be made... Soon TM.

Cockroach (urbie) mech doodle by Flyingdebris.

    - by LadyAlekto