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Add variability to your pilots! Now each non-ancestral tag for the pilot is utilized to give them bonuses or penalties. Significantly increases your motivation to carry more pilots and to really think about who to add to any given drop. Now you'll actually want to have more than 8 pilots kicking around in your Argo!

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This is intended an as optional mod to dZ Consolidated Company Commander, but is released here as a standalone Mod Pack. This Mod Pack adds quirks to all of the pilots in the game. The tags are now fully utilized to impact gameplay! Due to this, pilots now play a much more significant role in the day-to-day operations of the Argo and will show different strengths and weaknesses in combat. See the full list of Quirks here:

Please note, this is a beta release! I have tested a lot of the functionality, but there are a lot of things that are changed in this. Please report any bugs or problems here:

Due to the wide nature of these Quirks it requires a number of mods for functionality. These are recommended to add to get full functionality:

  • MonthlyTechandMoraleAdjustments - This makes your monthly funding level choice have only a temporary effect during the month. It also temporarily changes your MechTechSkill and MedTechSkill based upon funding level. 
  • Pilot_Fatigue - Your MechWarriors now are fatigued after every combat. They can still drop, but suffer reduced skills and suffer the chance of a "Light Injury."
  • PanicSystem - During combat all pilots have a chance to eject and lose their nerve if things start to go poorly.


1) This is the Standalone version of Pilot Quirks. If you are using dZ Consolidated Company Commander use the Pilot Quirks add-on located there. 

2) Copy over folders contained within the zip to your BATTLETECH\Mods directory. Overwrite the files as prompted.

3) Some updates will not take place until you travel to other systems.