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Library, that allow modders create and load from json custom component definitions with any data they need

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CustomComponents(cc) - is a library that allows you to to add custom data on ComponentDef, load them from JSON definitions and use it in code. Library already have preimplemented components for json modding, but it dont contain any changed or new game items(except Exeperimental brunch for testing and demonstration). Also if you dont need preimplemented components, just mechanism to add and use additional data to json - you may take only core part(will be released as separate mod later)

How it works
It use postfix patch to JSONSerializationUtility.RehydrateObjectFromDictionary method. After object loaded cc get control, search for "Custom" section on JSon and load custom data and store it in database

*note: at first i want to store it in object using inheritance, but in many places game check exact type of ComponentDef and dont work with childs. [CptMoore](https://github.com/CptMoore) suggest to use external storage(Dictionary) which keep list of cc for each component Testing shows that C# Dictionary incredebly fast so it used now*

How to use it


Add "Custom" : { } attribute to Json file

Add components to it
"Custom" : {
  "Color" : { "UIColor" : "Red" },
  "Category" : {
  "CategoryID" : "HeatSink",
  "Tag" : "Single"
... rest of default definition...

For Json only modding

Predefined Components

For Dll modding

Adding and handling own Components
Drop item process