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Changes star systems coordinates in base game to match the Sarna coordinates (based on the Sarna Unified Cartography project - )

Adjusted 168 total files from the data/starsystems folder

Includes optional 12 new systems that can be added in - but please read warnings

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For my fellow cartographers out there, I modded the starsystem files so they match up to the Sarna Unified Cartography Society coordinates.

Please note - there is nothing wrong with the map in the game as presented. There is just a slight shifting that occurred as various map sources were used in making the map for the game. 

In total, I adjusted over 175 of the files (including duplicate systems) to be in line with the Sarna coords. This necessitated also adjusting 2 of the HBS systems to keep their intended Jump paths intact ( Balawat and Tarragona), otherwise I just left the HBS systems with the coordinates the game provided.

This most recent version  is now meant to be loaded into the BATTLETECH\mods\ folder

In my experience, the change of coordinates does not impact game play, just OCD aesthetics for those of us used to the Sarna maps.

In addition to the coordinate fixes, the following changes were made:
  • The starsystemdef_Camadeirre file was editted to have the correct system name appear in game (Camadeierre).

Thank you to Volt - who sent me the systems in map format and I did a screen print from within the game and inversed it for easier viewing (see the images page) - all the systems match up nicely. The HBS systems are a bit offset from the locations they extrapolated.

The green box shows the limits of the game map.

Yellow systems are not yet in the game (I have been able to mod them in - but they casue save game issues). The Orange system could also be added (it is right on the border). The two systems circled in red are special cases - the left being Alamsgordo, the right is Haydes Cluster. I'd be tempted to rewrite the Haydes Cluster as the Menion system and just eliminate it as a location.

The dashed red line was a bad jump route (over 30LY) - as mentioned, I had to move Tarragona to make it work.