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Injuries now decrease a pilot's stats (Gunnery, Piloting, Tactics, NOT guts) temporarily until they are healed.

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Have you ever seen a pilot on 1 health and wondered how on earth they can keep fighting just as well as they did when they were in tip-top shape?

I have, and I didn't like it. Being near death should mess with your ability to fight. Even a single injury should be distracting (due to pain in general, or pain from moving around on the field) and should make you less capable on the field. I'd like to see you pilot a 'Mech with one arm and while bleeding out.

Thus, this mod was born.

It does a very simple change. Your current stats are equal to that, times the % of health the pilot is at. In effect:

Piloting = Piloting * (((0.05 * Guts - 1) * Injuries)/Health + 1)
Tactics = Tactics * (((0.05 * Guts - 1) * Injuries)/Health + 1)
Gunnery = Gunnery * (((0.05 * Guts - 1) * Injuries)/Health + 1)


You have a pilot with 5 health, 10 piloting and 10 guts. They've just taken a nasty couple of injuries, so now they're on 3 health.
What is their piloting now?

Piloting = 10 * (((0.05 * 10 - 1) * 2)/5 + 1) = 8.0.

If that same pilot had only had level 5 guts, what would their piloting be?

Piloting = 10 * (((0.05 * 5 - 1) * 2)/5 + 1) = 7.0.

What if we have a noob pilot. He has Level 3 piloting, level 3 guts, 3 health and just took 1 injury. What is his piloting now?

Piloting = 3 * (((0.05 * 3 - 1) * 1)/3 + 1) = 2.15 = 2.0 (currently values are chopped, but I could implement rounding if desired)


This does not alter your original stats before getting injured and has no permanent effects on your save file. A pilot will return to full stats once healed.

Some other notable points:

1: This works exceptionally well with No Time To Bleed: which allows you to field injured pilots.

Now you can't just take a near-death pilot into a new battle without consequences!

2: Head injuries are a lot more serious now (especially early game). Getting one on an unskilled (3 health) pilot now takes all of their stats down to 2/3 of what it was before!

For this reason, I recommend Less Head Injuries: to help counteract that. (And in general, head injuries are way too common in this game)

3: This effect works for both injuries taken before a mission (IE: With No Time To Bleed) as well as injuries taken during a mission.

4: This effect works on both your lance and enemy pilots. (As far as I can tell from the assembly code. Let me know if you suspect otherwise.)

5: The game does not heal injuries incrementally like you'd expect in real life.  In the vanilla game when a pilot is injured, the number of injuries stays exactly the same until the end of their healing process, upon which all injuries are removed at once. Because of that, a pilot who was seriously injured who only has a single day left to recover will be just as heavily punished as when they got those serious injuries. I am looking into changing this aspect of the vanilla game at some point down the line.


This mod does have some fairly serious balance repercussions. If you'd like to suggest a revised version of the formula, feel free to.