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Configure BattleTech's camera to regain control, stop forced camera movements, increase the maximum zoom, zoom &, pan speeds; tilt angles and more! You can also disable the game taking camera control away from the player during any combat movement, on enemy first contact and new enemy radar blips.

Permissions and credits
Allows users to configure various aspects of the camera, including:

  • Camera zoom limits
  • How close or far away the camera zooms during non-cinematic on combat actions and when selecting a pilot
  • Unlock the camera during all combat movements, including your enemies and allies
  • Control whether or not camera control is taken away upon combat start, and when new enemy 'blips' appear on the radar
  • Maximum camera pan and zoom speed
  • The minimum and maximum angles you can tilt the camera, including the default angle
  • The time the camera spends locked onto new enemy blips, and outside your control

BTML and ModTek

Installation Instructions
Extract the folder to your BATTLETECH/Mods folder, or create the Mods folder if you don't have one.

Edit the mod.json file to configure the settings. I've configured it to speed up all panning and zooming, increase the maximum amount you can zoom out, let you tilt the camera across 80 degrees, and set the camera time spent showing new enemy blips on radar to 0 seconds.

Game and my defaults are listed below (X // Y). All can be changed in the mod.json file.

  • MaxHeightSetting: 520 // 800
  • ZoomSpeedSetting: 1500 // 5000
  • MaxSpeedSetting: 30 // 30 (note: it is unclear if this setting does anything, may be related to cinematic camera speeds)
  • MoveSpeedSetting: 90, 90, 90 // 350, 350, 350 (this controls camera pan speeds, all numbers should be equal)
  • MinAngleSetting: 10 // 1
  • MaxAngleSetting: 75 // 90 (be careful, camera controls get wonky @ 90 degrees)
  • DefaultAngleSetting: 40 // 40
  • TimeToShowNewBlipsSetting: 2.5 // 0 (seconds the camera spends zooming to new blips on the radar)
  • ZoomToFirstEnemyContactSuppressedSetting: false // false (suppress whether or not "Enemy Contact" appears on the screen and the camera is moved during transition from non-combat to combat)
  • ZoomToNewRadarContactSuppressedSetting: false // true (suppress whether or not the camera is moved to show new enemy 'blips' appearing on radar)
  • ZoomToCombatActionSuppressedSetting: false // true (suppress whether or not the camera is moved to show non-cinematic combat actions, affects allies and enemies but not zooms related to new objectives or story missions)
  • AutoCalcZoomToUnitScaleFactorSetting: false // true (solves the problem of the camera being too far away on zooms showing combat action and selecting a MW, when the MaxHeight setting is increased)
  • UseManualZoomScaleFactorSetting: false // false (override the AutoCalcZoom and set how close or far away the camera moves when it zooms during combat action and when selecting a MW)
  • ManualZoomToUnitScaleFactorSetting: 0.85 // 0.5 (only works when AutoCalc is set to false and UseManual is set to true. Specify what percentage of the MaxHeight is zoomed to during combat action and when selecting a MW)

If you dislike having to manage the camera tilt, set the min, max and default all to the same value and you've clamped it. If AutoCalc and UseManual are both set to false, the game's default "ZoomTo" behavior is used.

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