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Adding the whole inner Sphere to the map.

Permissions and credits
The Inner Sphere Map is a BattleTech mod (using ModTek) adding the whole inner Sphere to the map.

Special Thanks
This mod would not be possible without all the help i got so Special thanks to:
  • Callyste, for making the icons
  • LegendKiller [CSV], for providing his vectors of the icons
  • Jalif, for making the awesome cinematic
  • mpstark, for BTML without him we wouldn't have such awesome mods
  • SaltyHotDog, for helping me gather the data on the planets
  • Xavier, for providing us with the NBT data
  • Glucose, for making the map resize possible.
  • Vulture82, for some of the icons.
** Warning: Uses the experimental BTML mod loader and ModTek that might change, come here again to check for updates **
This mod is balanced, and build to be used as part of RogueTech, they are included there. They all work outside of the pack, but for best experience, i recommend them to be used with the pack.

Best enjoyed with:
  • Over 2000 planets added.
  • All the major factions added.
  • Factions now lose proper standing when you fight against them.
  • Removed Story.
  • Starting with the Argo on Galatea.
  • Raised jumping distance to fit for the map.
  • Raised Argo monthly costs for balancing reasons.
  • Faction Screen now shows your 8 highest factions.
  • Contracts on all planets can now go from 0,5 skulls to 5 skulls.
  • There is no more local contracts and each planet generates 10 travel contracts.
  • Don't freak out if loading to the main menu takes abit longer, modtek does its while the skull is displayed.
  • Since i am using the Tutorial skip you have to save and load once to use your commander in a mech.
  • The starting planet only has one random contract(this is a known bug), all other planets will have 10 travel contracts.
  • If you like local contracts back you have to edit mods\InnerSphereMap\StreamingAssets\data\simGameConstants\simGameConstants.json

- [FACTION]RGB- List<float> - RGB Colors for the different factions on the map (r,g,b) range:0-1

Install and use
  • After installing BTML and ModTek, put the CommanderPortraitLoader folder into the \BATTLETECH\Mods\ folder.
  • Put the video from BATTLETECH\mods\InnerSphereMap\BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets\Video into BATTLETECH\BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets\Video.
  • Change any settings in mods\InnerSphereMap\StreamingAssets\data\simGameConstants\simGameConstants.json if you would like to.
  • Start a new campaign.