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This mod simply changes the milestone after beating Weldry to unlock the entire map, allowing you to run contracts in Davion, Canopan, Liao and Marik space without having to beat the entire campaign first.

Requires BTML and ModTek to work properly.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a lore-friendly edit to the game files that opens up the entire map after you complete Weldry and receive the Argo. This allows for unrestricted free play without having to finish the campaign. 

It works by adding  map_travel_3 to the milestone_305_sim_argo_start.json and remobinh it from milestone_700_notify_complete.json file. 

Compatibility-wise, it should be completely compatible with any mod that does not alter the aforementioned .json files.

This mod requires both the BattleTech Mod Loader and ModTek by Mpstark to work properly.

Installation is simple: Install BTML and ModTek if you haven't already, then extract OpenMapArgo.7z to your BATTLETECH/Mods directory.

Note that if you have already beaten Weldry, a new campaign is required for this mod to function properly.