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I jumped my modified HBK-4P onto a wall on Panzyr, and this was the result. I'm not sure if the leg placement is awkward-looking or genius-looking. Also, apparently my original color choices were unintentionally either the same or very similar to the Directorate, but since I can get away with it I don't see an issue most of the time. For reference this is my third campaign, the first with mods.
Mods were used, but nothing that should affect the mech models or animations. Are there even mods that would do this?
Anyway, this is me thinking that this media section could use more, I don't know, media. Also, I wanted to test out uploading images to this site.


  1. Angsaar
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    Behemoth is stretching her myomers XD

    This section could certainly see some love, although not the Skyrim kind of... well, you know.

    Looks like the legs will conform with any surface directly below, I wonder what would happen if that wall was even higher, like the ones in the crash-landed Argo
    1. Guardian451
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      There is what we need here, and then there is, well, that...
      Admittedly, the angle isn't that good, but the left leg is off the ground if I remember correctly.
      I'm not sure if the locations you can stand on for that mission are close enough. I wasn't expecting these to do this either, especially since I swear I've jumped onto the wall before, but not with a Hunchback.
  2. Bloodplague
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    mech yoga??? much better then goats.