• MechTech Skill has been changed to a 1000x scale. This was necessary for balance reasons.
  • Your monthly funding limit now changes your morale, MechTech Skill, and MedTech Skill for the next 30 days. People will work harder if happier! 
  • You can search the Star Map for specific system names and other information by hitting control-F on the map. 

  • Your Leopard Dropship now starts in need of repairs to be fully functional. It has a drop limit of 175 tons. This can be expanded to a 450 ton drop limit with 6 pilots through Argo Upgrades.
  • Drop Costs are implemented based upon weight. The heavier your lance, the more expensive the drop will be.

  • Mech Experience is now capped. Please see Pilot Skills and Abilities Article for additional information.
  • Loot can be contested after a mission. This is directly correlated to your reputation with the faction.
  • Armor now costs time and money to repair. After every missions, Yang will ask you about repairs for armor. If you accept, this will repair your armor but not any structure nor component damage. Damaged armor will not prevent a mech from being included in a drop.

Pilot Changes (Additional information in Pilot Skills and Abilities Article)
  • Pilots will now be fatigued after a drop. If they drop whilst fatigued they will suffer low morale and be at risk of suffering a Light Injury after combat.
  • Pilots will become better with mechs that they pilot more frequently.
  • Pilots have quirks! Pay attention to their tags when you hire them and check out their descriptions to see what bonuses and maluses the pilots come with. Pilots get more expensive to hire and maintain with positive bonuses, and cheaper in both regards with maluses.

Mech Assembly
  • Mechs are no longer automatically assembled once you collect the required number of parts.
  • Mechs can be assembled from compatible parts from similar variants. 
  • To assemble a Mech, look at them in your inventory. They are color coded: Yellow - can be assembled using other variant parts; Green - can be assembled using only that variants parts.
  • Mech readying time and equipment will change depending on how you assembled a mech. If you assembled a mech using only parts from that variant, the mech will come fully equipped. If a mech was assembled using multiple variants, it will take longer to assemble and will come with less equipment the fewer parts of the targeted variant you used.
  • Mech readying for stored mechs is unchanged. Minor ready time and the mech will come with no equipment as the equipment was stripped off to ready. 

  • Mech repair costs and times are affected by mech mass. 
  • Single points of armor can be added to a mech by shift clicking on the armor buttons.
  • Mech Bays 2 and 3 allow for the simultaneous repair (at lowered efficiency) of two and three mechs at once.

  • Stacks of items can be bought or sold by shift- or control-clicking on said item.
  • Shops do not appear on completely abandoned planets. These systems are listed as Uninhabited in game.
  • Rarer and weapons with more bonuses on them will appear as time progresses.
  • The following type of stores are available: Normal Shops, Black Market (if you have access), Faction (if you are allied with factions), Research, Industrial, Battlefield, and Star League. Also, each shop in a faction's space carries a different flavor of weapons and equipment. 

  • Mechs are set to appear at regular intevals over the course of the 35 years defined by the scope of BTR.
  • All weapons and equipment are available at the start of the game. However, they have set shops they can appear at, and rarity of appearance. These items will appear more frequently as time advances as they become more abundant in the periphery.
  • The timeline can be compressed using the Settings menu. The settings are: Fast (400 days), Normal (1200 days), Epic (10 years), and Canonical (35 years). This setting scales the appearance of mechs and the upgraded rarity of items to the desired time frame.

Reputation Overhaul:
  • Single points of armor can be added to a mech by holding down shift when clicking on the armor.
  • Single points of armor can be added to a mech by holding down shift when clicking on the armor

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