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+123 for Star Wars Battlefront II

Version 2.0


+123 is a set of additional missions for Star Wars Battlefront II.

"DLC" folder includes 4 converted maps from Star Wars Battlefront I.

BF2: +151 missions for shipped maps

"cor1g_1flag", "cor1c_1flag", "cor1g_hunt", "cor1c_hunt", "cor1g_eli", "cor1c_eli", "cor1g_xl", "cor1c_xl"

"dag1g_1flag", "dag1c_1flag", "dag1g_eli", "dag1c_eli", "dag1g_hunt", "dag1c_hunt", "dag1g_xl", "dag1c_xl"

"dea1g_ctf", "dea1c_ctf", "dea1g_eli", "dea1c_eli", "dea1g_hunt", "dea1c_hunt", "dea1g_xl", "dea1c_xl"

"end1c_con", "end1g_ctf", "end1c_ctf", "end1c_1flag", "end1g_eli", "end1c_eli", "end1c_hunt", "end1g_xl", "end1c_xl"

"fel1g_ctf", "fel1c_ctf", "fel1g_eli", "fel1c_eli", "fel1g_hunt", "fel1c_hunt", "fel1g_xl", "fel1c_xl"

"geo1g_con", "geo1g_ctf", "geo1g_1flag", "geo1c_1flag", "geo1g_eli", "geo1c_eli", "geo1g_hunt", "geo1g_xl"

"hot1c_con", "hot1g_ctf", "hot1c_ctf", "hot1c_1flag", "hot1g_eli", "hot1c_eli", "hot1c_hunt", "hot1c_xl"

"kam1g_ctf", "kam1c_ctf", "kam1g_eli", "kam1c_eli", "kam1g_hunt", "kam1c_hunt", "kam1g_xl", "kam1c_xl"

"kas2c_1flag", "kas2g_1flag", "kas2c_eli", "kas2g_eli", "kas2g_hunt"

mus1g_1flag", "mus1c_1flag", "mus1g_eli", "mus1c_eli", "mus1g_hunt", "mus1c_hunt", "mus1g_xl", "mus1c_xl"

"myg1g_1flag", "myg1c_1flag", "myg1g_eli", "myg1c_eli", "myg1g_hunt", "myg1c_hunt", "myg1g_xl", "myg1c_xl"

"nab2g_1flag", "nab2c_1flag", "nab2g_eli", "nab2c_eli", "nab2g_hunt", "nab2g_xl", "nab2c_xl"

"pol1g_1flag", "pol1c_1flag", "pol1g_eli", "pol1c_eli", "pol1g_hunt", "pol1c_hunt", "pol1g_xl", "pol1c_xl"

"spa1c_1flag", "spa1c_ass"

"spa3g_1flag", "spa3g_ass"

"spa6g_1flag", "spa6g_ass"

"spa7g_1flag", "spa7g_ass"

"spa8c_1flag", "spa8c_ass"

"spa9c_1flag", "spa9c_ass"

"tan1g_ctf", "tan1c_ctf", "tan1g_eli", "tan1c_eli", "tan1g_hunt", "tan1c_hunt", "tan1g_xl", "tan1c_xl"

"tat2g_1flag", "tat2c_1flag", "tat2c_eli", "tat2c_hunt", "tat2g_xl", "tat2c_xl"

"tat3g_ctf", "tat3c_ctf", "tat3g_eli", "tat3c_eli", "tat3g_hunt", "tat3c_hunt", "tat3g_xl", "tat3c_xl"

"uta1g_ctf", "uta1c_ctf", "uta1g_eli", "uta1c_eli", "uta1g_hunt", "uta1c_hunt", "uta1g_xl", "uta1c_xl"

"yav1g_ctf", "yav1c_ctf", "yav1g_eli", "yav1c_eli", "yav1g_hunt", "yav1c_hunt", "yav1g_xl", "yav1c_xl"

+3 space maps (+12 missions)

"spa2g_1flag", "spa2c_1flag", "spa2g_ass", "spa2c_ass"

"spa4g_1flag", "spa4c_1flag", "spa4g_ass", "spa4c_ass"

"spa5g_1flag", "spa5c_1flag", "spa5g_ass", "spa5c_ass"

DLC: +4 maps from Star Wars Battlefront I (+48 missions)

"bes2g_con", "bes2c_con", "bes2g_ctf", "bes2c_ctf", "bes2g_1flag", "bes2c_1flag", "bes2g_hunt", "bes2c_hunt", "bes2g_eli", "bes2c_eli", "bes2g_xl", "bes2c_xl"

"rhn1g_con", "rhn1c_con", "rhn1g_ctf", "rhn1c_ctf", "rhn1g_1flag", "rhn1c_1flag", "rhn1g_eli", "rhn1c_eli", "rhn1g_hunt", "rhn1c_hunt", "rhn1g_xl", "rhn1c_xl"

"rhn2g_con", "rhn2c_con", "rhn2g_ctf", "rhn2c_ctf", "rhn2g_1flag", "rhn2c_1flag", "rhn2g_eli", "rhn2c_eli", "rhn2g_hunt", "rhn2c_hunt", "rhn2g_xl", "rhn2c_xl"

"yav2g_con", "yav2c_con", "yav2g_ctf", "yav2c_ctf", "yav2g_1flag", "yav2c_1flag", "yav2g_hunt", "yav2c_hunt", "yav2g_eli", "yav2c_eli", "yav2g_xl", "yav2c_xl"


Copy "BF2" and "DLC" folders to the "Star Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon" directory.

If you installed previous versions of +123, remove old "BF2" folder from your addon before installation.

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