Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2
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Tuning down the Tyranid final boss, the Ancient One.

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Ancient One nerf mod

As many players have found the final Tyranid boss quite challenging, especially when playing as Necrons - I figured this calls for a mod that tunes it down a bit.  
With this mod I have tuned down its:
  • Max health and shields
  • Troop number (easier to defeat with boarding actions and lightning strike)
  • Speed (so it becomes easier to kite)
1.  It is recommended to make a backup of the file UnitStatsOfficial.csv located at
\Steam\steamapps\common\Battlefleet Gothic Armada II\BattlefleetGothic2\Content\Data\UnitStats\Official\

also backup the version file
\Steam\steamapps\common\Battlefleet Gothic Armada II\BattlefleetGothic2\version.bfgver

2.  Download the mod file.
3.  Unzip.
4.  Place the unzipped folder under\Steam\steamapps\common\Battlefleet Gothic Armada II\
and allow it to replace the originals.
5.  Play!

The paths are Steam examples, if you have the GoG version of the game, they should look something like this:
\GOG Galaxy\Games\Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2\


This mod is meant for single player only, and should not work for multiplayer.
Please make sure to install the version file as well, so you won't get accidentally flagged for cheating when starting multiplayer. 

To use this mod you have to disable Easy Anti Cheat (EAC for short):
  • On Steam right click on the game, go to properties click on Set launch options and put in " -NoEAC " minus the quotation marks.
  • On GoG open the page of the game, go to Manage installation then Configure: in the Features tab, choose the alternative executable, with " -NoEAC "

Mod compatibility 
Since this mod works by overwriting an original game file with one containing some modifications - it won't work together with other mods that modify the same files, and may even crash the game if used with mods that add new units to the game like Skalgrim Mod.  
(If requested, I can make a Skalgrim submod in the future that uses their game files as a base template.)

Replace the modded files with their original counterparts.

>If you would like to make your own mod, check out the Focus Home Interactive Modding forum for help on how to.