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Adds a smarter sort along with the vanilla sort to inventory.
Also adds the sort to the post combat screen.
Also adds extra details to weapon hover tooltip which will say when weapons are profitable to repair. Exact math in details

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Sort mod adds a new way of sorting items in the inventory. It sorts by: Item type > Item sell value > item ID, with a few exceptions.
Theres an exception for weapons. Since so many weapons are profitable to fix, it sorts by their post repair value.
For example a flail worth 1000 gold at full price, but is currently at 1% durability is worth 10g. By repairing it assuming a horrendus tool price of 300 and sell price of .15
we spend 60/15 tools to repair, so 4 tools, at 300 comes out at 60 gold spent to repair it. Items is now worth 1000, sells for 150, so we went from 10g to 150g, spent 60g to repair.
so after repairing we profited 150-10-60. 80! so the flail at 1% is valued at 80 instead of its current value of 10 * .15.

Food also has an exception, food is ordered by how long till it expires. This is to help the player notice easily when they have too much food of a specific day available when dropping items after battle.

This mod also adds both vanilla sort and this special sort to the Post Combat Loot screen.

Pressing the default sort will default sort the stash, and sort the loot by its sell value.
Pressing the special sort will special sort both sides.

The mod also displays an extra tooltip of the repair profit on any items that are profitable to repair. It uses 300 tool, .15 sell price here too, so if it even shows up at all, generally the item is very profitable.