Battle Brothers
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Some more content and some small changes to balance. This time for newest version of the game.

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How to install:
>put into Battle Brothers/data folder

>Updated to

(day 19 August2020 Anno Domini)

Save compatibility
>should work with vanilla saves but work best with new campaign

Different modules changing different stuff. Choose the way you play the game.
MAIN FILE contain:

Annoyed by immersion breaking pitiful state of Militia and caravan guards? This mod makes them better armed. World is dangerous place and better be prepared.
>better weapon and cloth armor selection for Militia and Caravan Hands
>higher chances for shields and head protection
>little stat adjustment here and there and other minor changes
This mod make caravan escorts little easier early on.

Can't find Tavern to get drunk and hear new rumors? Look no more
>add Taverns to smaller villages and forts

Want to make more money? Don't want rely on selling looted weapons and pitiful payments for contracts? This mod will make looting great again.
>increase trade goods value
>increase most of the loot value
>add extra loot drops for some enemy units(like signets for bandit leaders)
>increased price you can get for some beast drops

Feedback is welcomed.

My other mods:
>Extra Starting scenarios
>Less severe Permanent Injuries
>Company Tabards
>Increased sight range