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Vilain Joueur and JCSato

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A collection of small tweaks and fixes that can be separately installed.

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There are things that the game could do differently and things that it should do better. That's what this mod is about! Ideas gathered over time and discussions. Most if not all components are stand-alone and of limited scope. Feedback and suggestions are very welcomed!


VilainJoueur has moved on from Battle Brothers modding (at least for now, maybe we'll drag him back in some day) and left the mod in my care ("me" being Sato). The individual mods have not all been checked and updated for compatibility with Blazing Deserts - if you find any issues, please leave a comment here providing as much detail as possible and I'll try to fix them. Remember to make sure you grab the latest version of modding script hooks if you're on a pre-Blazing Deserts version of that mod. Mods here that Vilain or I believe to be updated and work currently include:
‒ Debug mode
‒ New Tryout
‒ Fix Ambition update
‒ Tweaks (traits, perks, others, events, items, world map, misc)
Mods that are not in this list have not been tested and may or may not work.


Blazing Deserts Release Date Announcement Celebration Update

Modding script hooks (Blazing Deserts compatible)

Download and drop one or several of the files into your Battle Brothers data folder, usually one of either:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Battle Brothers\data
C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Battle Brothers\data

Always have your Battle Brothers log handy!
The log can be found in your Documents/Battle Brothers folder. The game will print errors and such useful information for mod debugging which you can then share here if you think one of my mod causes issues.

Seed analyzer
This tool sets the function that spawns the player on an infinite loop, using a different random seed (of 10 characters) each time. The roster strength is evaluated and if it is good enough, the seed will be displayed in the log (located in Documents/Battle Brothers), along with other information about the characters. The tool currently works for the Davkul Cultists, Lone Wolf and Northern Raiders origins. For more details, see this article. Remove the mod to play the origins again. Suggestions welcomed.

Debug mode
This adds a debug mode to the game. Activation is toggled with CTRL + D. See this article for information about the functions.

Custom config
This allows easy modification of config parameters value (events frequency, money and renown gains, etc.). To change the default values, extract the contents of the archive and delete the archive. Open the extracted file inside the extracted folders with a text editor and modify the values at the top, keeping a float format. Information are provided as comments on the side of each line that can be edited. To uninstall, delete the extracted contents.

Bigger tweaks that enhance or add to existing systems. Click the title to download.
Named Items (WotN recommended)
A rework of my old 'revised named items' mod. It adds new champions, new named items to be found and modifies various chances. See this article for details and updates. Please note that this mod changes seeds named items allocation.

New Tryout
This changes the way tryout functions by displaying, instead of all traits, a combination of a random trait, talent and attribute value. The mod also adds a 'Dismiss' button, available at all times in the hiring screen. I'm grateful to rule for providing a basis for the mod with his own tryout mod. BEWARE! Any save made while this mod is installed will not load if the mod is removed!

Ambition update
Ambitions whose conditions have been met do not immediately complete which has undesirable consequences when time is of the essence (relations related ambitions). This is an attempt at fixing the problem by reducing or outright removing updating delays.

Divided into sub-sections. Click the title to download.

No bad traits on companions
This is where the mod began! Companions (starting characters from the 'Rebuilding a Company', 'New Company' and 'Southern Mercenaries' origin) will no longer get bad traits. Bad traits are traits that have a negative net worth like Superstitious or Cocky. Neutral traits like Irrational can still be acquired.

Less Tiny
In an attempt to reconcile Huge and Tiny modifiers, this tweak changes Tiny damage dealt penalty to -10% instead of -15%.

Better Eagle Eyes
Eagle Eyes will also reduce the penalty to ranged hit chance from distance and from cover by -1 and -17% (multiplier).

True Night Owl
Night Owl will halve all nighttime penalties. Vision to -1 as normal, Ranged Skill and Ranged Defense to -15%.

17 Fatigue Nimble allowance
The default allowance of 15 is not enough to wear Noble Mail with Light Padding Replacement (-12) and Sallet (-5) or the popular Basic Mail Shirt and Nasal Helmet set without penalties to Nimble. This tweak makes it possible.

Nine Lives survivor
With this, Nine Lives will set the base chance of being struck down with a permanent injury instead of killed to 61% (from 33%) unless this chance is already modified (by the Survivor trait). Other conditions still apply as normal (see permanent injuries).

No swallow for Indomitable
Being grabbed and swallowed seems awfully close. This tweak adds being devoured by Nachzehrers to the immunity list of Indomitable.
Indomitable should also protect from all kinds of forced displacement but the Kraken can bypass that immunity. With this tweak, it can no longer drag characters under Indomitable (but it can still ensnare them).

Polearm AP reduction for pole weapons
With this, other pole weapons (Longaxe, Polehammer, Polemace, Spetum and Warfork) skills also benefit from Polearm Mastery -1 AP reduction (only).

Resistance to effects for Resilient
Resilient could arguably be more useful. This tweak gives the perk a 33% chance for the player to completely resist any negative status effect. If this fails, the duration of the effect will still be reduced as normal. The tweak was made considerably better for Blazing Deserts. Please test and report any balance issue.

Resolve bonus for Confident
All morale states but Confident affect Resolve. This tweak gives Confident a 10% bonus to Resolve.

Melee Defense talent for 1H Companion
The spear and shield companion (from the 'Rebuilding a Company', 'New Company' and 'Southern Mercenaries' origins) has talents in both Hitpoints and Fatigue. The new Nimble has made these attributes more redundant. The background for this companion also mentions the use of a shield in several occasions. This tweak removes the two stars talent assigned to Hitpoints and gives it to Melee Defense instead.

The Crusader and Orc Slayer stay
This prevents the events by which they leave to fire at all. They'll stay forever! Unless... you know!

Craft Masterwork Bows
Normally, the Bowyer event can only fire once per campaign whatever its outcome. This tweak gives an opportunity to Bowyers that fail their masterwork to keep trying until they succeed. Each Bowyer can also craft his own Masterwork Bow so hiring more Bowyers will not only increase the chance of the event triggering but it will also allow your party to get more Masterwork Bows. The minimum cooldown for the event was set to a standard 45 days.

Tailor event restoration
The 'Beasts & Exploration' DLC removed this event to the dismay of many players who love the Tailor background for its wonderful... its amazing... uh... Nevermind, with this tweak Tailors will likely get into your reserve again! The event is as it was, unchanged. If the 'Beasts & Exploration' DLC is not installed, the tweak won't change anything (in that case, the event is available by default).

Stricter 'lawmen after criminal' event
This event can trigger when only one Noble House is allied, forcing the player down a path to avoid a possible game over (mainly with the 'Northern Raiders' origin). This small tweak adds a condition for the event to fire that at least two Houses be neutral.

No pay raise
This event can trigger when the player has 30k Crowns or more. With this tweak, it will never trigger.

Ammo for throwing spear
Throwing spears are destroyed on use by default. With this tweak they will use ammunition instead. Six units of ammunition are needed to refill. Value has been increased for balance reasons. New campaign needed to avoid a crash.

Refillable nets
Nets are destroyed on use by default. With this tweak they will use ammunition instead. It costs 100 Crowns to refill a standard net and 150 for a reinforced net. New campaign needed to avoid a crash.

Restore old named norse helmet
This named helmet was scrapped with WotN in favor of a normal version with different values. This tweak restores it just as it was and it can be found like any other named helmet. Values will range from 198 to 225 Durability and −9 to −6 Fatigue.

Fully concealed map
On a new campaign, the world map will be fully covered by the fog of war.

No fog of war
Removes the fog of war (but does not reveal undiscovered locations).

Discover all locations
Triggers discovery for all locations which will be visible if they aren't concealed by the fog of war. Ambitions related to location discovery will not be available. The Cartographer follower will not give rewards for discovered locations either.

See named items
If a location contains named items they will be shown in the tooltip.

More backgrounds for Militia
This adds the following backgrounds to the recruiting list of the Peasant Militia origin: Apprentice, Bowyer, Eunuch, Gambler, Juggler, Killer on the Run, Mason, Messenger, Minstrel, Servant.

Rejects of society
This adds a Beggar/Cripple only origin. Discuss it here.

Reveal all crafting recipes
Beware, spoilers! With this, all crafting recipes will always be shown at the taxidermist.

Less extreme hit rolls for the player
This changes the chance (for the player only) to get specific rolls. In a nutshell, extreme rolls on both ends of the roll range will occur less frequently. It means that the player will be more likely to miss with low accuracy and to hit with high accuracy. The tooltips are updated with the new hit chances. The combat log will display '(MRNG)' beside a chance and a roll to indicate that the roll was obtained using modified chances. For a detailed account of the new values, see this spreadsheet. Note that hit chances themselves are not (directly) modified nor are the caps removed.

Kraken quests
Although this is intended behavior, the quests work in such a way that the party can be asked to deliver an unreasonable amount of items. This sets the amount for all required items to three.

Less and more named shields
Named shields have the same chance as named armors and helmets to spawn in location (20%). But while everyone needs these items, not every party member requires a shield. This tweak changes the chance to find named shields in locations to 10% while named armors get an increased chance of 30%. Chances for named helmets and weapons are unchanged (respectively 20% and 40%). At the same time, non faction named shields will now have a chance to appear at the armorer. Their base worth was tripled to balance that.

Higher difficulty
This will increase the combat difficulty scaling based on days or add such a scale if missing (contracts). Be warned, the mod affects all combat difficulty settings.

As this mod ended up being more of a collection of mods, it seemed fitting to give a place to mods from other creators. If the version I propose is unchanged, a link to the mod page is provided. If I updated or modified it, a link to my custom version is provided. Link in the title.

  • Dog head armors (looking for artist)
  • Named Man Splitter and Spiked Impaler (looking for artist)
  • Missing Hand permanent injury restoration
  • Background passives (eunuchs resist charm, etc.)
  • Undead injuries

Steam discussion
My mods

Overhype, for Battle Brothers
Adam, for his mod kit, his modding hooks and his advice
Fellow modders and players (they will recognize themselves ;)), for their help and suggestions
Special thanks to slimpwarrior for having suggested several of the mod tweaks