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An overhaul mod that increases replayability and variety. Alternate starts, commanders, camping, world generation, art, effects, new enemies, new weapons, new skills and AI changes

Permissions and credits
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Tired of the same old hoggart fight? Its time to carve out your legend!

 An overhaul mod that increases replayability and variety.  New alternate starts, classes, enemies, weapons and armor, abilities, events, effects, company management and world customisation.

New Origins
  • 25 scenarios to choose from including berserker, assassin, sisterhood, the undead and randomised scenarios
  • Vanilla scenarios enhanced with new perks, equipment, backgrounds and events
  • Starts have campaign wide effects and many new mechanics
Company management
  • Extensive camping system with task assignments and upgrade paths
  • Up to 27 mercenaries on the field at one time
  • Save your troops into formations to prepare for different battles 
  • Assign up to 27 people to reserves, but they are forced to fight if you're attacked
Backgrounds that matter
  •   Different backgrounds have unique and dynamic perk trees with entirely different abilities, millions of combinations
  •   340+ perks (vanilla has ~50)
  •   Backgrounds contribute to camp tasks and world resources  (apprentices repair, caravan hands carry etc)
  •   Non combat specialists (donkeys, chefs, healer herbalists, taxidermists, nuns )
  •   Backgrounds effects movement speed over different terrains (miners in mountains, hunters in forests etc)
  •   Tryout when hiring now reveals talent stars and perks
  •   Female specific backgrounds that are appropriate to the time with additional faces, bodies, names, events and hairstyles.
  •  Every mercenary can level to 99, with new perk points every 5 levels beyond 11.

New gear

  • Layered armor system, hundreds of armor pieces with millions of combinations.   
  • Dozens of new weapons, halberds glaives, swordstaves, tools, instruments, orc weapons and more.
  • Shield rework including tower shields, parrying daggers, aggressive bucklers
  • Craftable legendary items, potions, armor, weapon
  • Rare rune stones that add powerful upgrades to your items.

New Enemies
  • Legendary versions of all enemies in legendary difficulty mode
  • Powerful new enemies like hulking orc behemoths and Necrosavant Lords
  • Spawn system overhauled to allow diverse enemy parties.  
  • Scaling extended out for larger parties and longer games
  • 36 new enemies including 8 new Legendary Beast variants that can be hunted through four skull contracts

Dynamic world
  •   Ingame sliders to control world size cities, factions, oceans
  •   New "legendary" difficulty settings
  •   Increased blood and magic effects
  •   increased ambushes, can be ambushed closer to settlements
  •   Increased event frequency

Mod compatibility
Read the article covering where we stand with all the major mods. Short version is, most are either included already or incompatible. 

  1. download the zip, and place it in: steamapps/common/Battle Brothers/data
  2. There is no need to unzip it, and there should be nothing else in the folder except the dat files.
  3. Requires the latest version of Battle brothers, Beasts and Exploration, Warriors of the North and Lindwurm DLCs
  1. Remove the zip file from the data directory. Your modded saves will not work in vanilla 

Please report any bugs to the Legends team before contacting the devs. The easiest way is to post your log to our Discord Server. If you're not sure how to report a bug, follow the bug reporting guide.

Legends is under active development, with any project this size there are bugs. We welcome your comments and will continue to iterate based on your feedback.  Ironman is not a great idea while we're in beta.

Future plans

This is just the start, we have much more content already in development and plans to touch nearly every aspect of the game.
In development:
  • New enemies
  • Horses
  • More starts, skills and events
  • Improved terrain generation algorithms

On roadmap:
  • More tactical maps
  • More enemies
  • More crises
  • Town management

If you want to submit idea, ask questions or try out the latest test builds before they are released here, try our discord server.

  • Difficulty settings are changed, normal is the closest to vanilla
  • You can unlock more roster slots through commander perks.
  • Each background contributes to your resource limits, heal rates and camp tasks. 
  • Noble houses start at war and can now be completely wiped out, consider your allies well.
  • Try saving formations to protect your wounded soldiers

Rule303 - Lead programmer, world generation, formations, perktrees, camping, necromancy and backgrounds
Poss - Lead experience designer, art, sound, perks, backgrounds, skills, events, effects, writing
Vazl  - vala, backgrounds, rune system, events
Karl - Character art, enemies, armor, weapons, items
Von Krolok - Enemy Art
Pixel Profligate - Armor art 
Wuxiangjinxing - Programming and testing
SoSaltySalt - programming
Forest Wraith - weapon art 
Mwah - programing
Freykin - programming
Nive - concept design, writing
KidneySwap - audio
Spuds of the Apocalypse - programming
Trenas - icons and buildings
Human - icons and weapons
Nikak17 - weapons and armor
Epicdemic - perks
Snowblaze239458 - Events and backgrounds
ThePinkPanzer - Writing
Coffee_Guy - concept development
Timboslice - writing and editing
Anrio - events
WhatIsAMan - titles

Special thanks to
LeVillainJoueur - for the cool balance ideas and letting us incorporate some of them into Legends
Boyksi - for letting us incorporate his mods
Adam - for making the mod tools, making bbrusher for us and fixing decompiler bugs for us
Overhype - for allowing modding, answering our bugs, and for reviewing our design document and giving us the ok to go ahead with all planned features