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  • Mod Compatibility and Integrations

    Legends is huge, the total number of files is about half the size of the entire game. That limits mod compatibility, because its pretty likely we're editing the same files as another mod.  It also makes testing compatibility with every mod very difficult, a mod may look like it is working, and then fail under some obscure circumstances that are hard to predict, identify or replicate.  It is this exact problem that led to the creation of Legends, to avoid creating many compatibility patches we have instead combined mods into a single mod.

    The usual path to compatibility is integration.

    Known compatible
    More music - was designed for legends, split out for download size

    Integrated mods
    Mod Hooks
    Tryout talents ...

  • Legends Mod Beta 13

    Legends Beta 13 - Layered Armor 

    Layered Armor 
    The entire armor system was reworked to allow layered armors, these can be made up of any combination of six layers, this unleashes millions of armor combinations. You may have seen mockups, but these are in game and ready to play right now. 

    There are millions of armor and colour combinations

    Layer 1 - Cloth -  190 variants and colours
    Layer 2 - Chain - 25 chain variants and colours 
    Layer 3 - Plate - 67 variants and colours 
    Layer 4 - Tabard - 22 colours 
    Layer 5 - Cloak - 35 colours and variants
    Layer 6 - Upgrades - 29 variants
    Layer 7 - Runestones - can now be swapped in and out. 
    There are also rare named layers 
    This is only the...

  • How to report bugs

    This game doesn't have official mod support, so unfortunately we have to decompile every file, resulting errors before we've even made a change. In a game with this much procedural content it is hard to test every combination, so we really appreciate any help you can give with bug reports.

    Reporting bugs

    The best place to report bugs is the #bugs chanel in Discord, so we can chat to you and ask questions about the issue. Other
    users there may also be able to help,

    Log and Save files

    The most useful thing for us is the log file and save game when the issue occured. You can find both in your documents folder:

    C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Battle Brothers


  • Beta 12 Release

     Monster Hunt

    Hark! The beasts approach!!

    In this release we wanted to expand on the ideas of monster hunting and beast slaying introduced in the DLCs.

     You begin by selecting a favored enemy beast, indicating you are ready to start down the beast hunting path. This will give you an immediate +5% bonus to damage, melee and ranged attack against your chosen foe. 

    Now you will need to begin hunting your enemy, for each one you kill, you will become better at fighting them, after killing 100 strength worth of enemies, your bonus grows by +1% damage, melee and ranged. This bonus scales indefinitely, the more you kill, the stronger you become.

    If you favor an enemy that isn't a beast, ever ten kills increases your chance of encount...

  • Beta 11 Release

    Another huge update as we merge all the Legends features into Warriors of the North. We have migrated all the legends alternate starts over and we’re now at 20 starts. Most of the work this update was on getting everything working, but we did make some changes as well:

    DLC Starts
    All of the default starts change in some way by being in legends, they all get veteran perk points, larger party sizes as well as all the new camping, weapons and enemies. Here are some of the bigger changes:

    Beast Hunters
    Beast Hunters gain 13 new 'Favoured Enemy' perks, allowing them to specialise in hunting specific enemies.
    Will now find more beast hunters to hire in large cities.
    Trophy trait effects drop rate of runestones


  • Beta 10 Release

    Legends Mod Beta 10

    The Camping Update

    The great wilderness calls to you! Valleys beyond the edge of civilization hold the greatest treasures, but how does a mercenary company survive out there? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could hunt your own game and live off the land?    

    In version 10 we completely overhaul the camping system, adding a dozen camping tents for your mercenaries. The activities are unlocked by visiting towns with the right buildings to teach you how to cut hair or train, or fletch arrows for yourself.  Over time you hire specialists and buy tent upgrades, improving your abilities until your company becomes nearly self sufficient.

    The center of camp is the commander’s tent, where you look over your mer...

  • Beta 09 Release

    Welcome to another exciting beta release, this is a big one!

    Warlock Rework
    Gains the ability to summon zombies and skeletons
    Summons require flesh sacrifice, costing HP
    Warlock can siphon life from his enemies
    Collect corpses to fashion into your sinister creations
    3 tiers of summons with different gear and abilities
    summons can be controlled or set as guards
    Summoned minions can be detonated
    Has a grizzly scythe and warlock robes


    Muscularity - gain 10% of your current health as damage
    Battleheart - no reduced defenses from being surrounded
    True believer - not affected by allies fleeing
    Nudist - gain a second stack of nimble if wearing no armour
    Poison immunity -...

  • Guide to survivng the beggar run

    some of the starts in this mod are hard. They require thinking about the game in a slightly different way.

    If you want an easy run, try out the party start. Once you've got the hang of the systems, try crusader or berserker for strong melee start.  Ranger and noble are a bit harder, then Seer and Warlock are even  harder, and then finally the beggar is the hardest start of all. Here is how to get started in those harder modes.

    Imagine you are a weak frail beggar alone in this world. Would you accept a mission to  go out into the woods alone against all manner of beasts? No, you'd most likely look for a job as a caravan gaurd, scout or delivery boy,

    When you start you have no outgoing expenses, your commander only costs 1 crown a day and you have  p...