Battle Brothers
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Adds a new origin which aims to keep as close to vanilla style and balance as possible. Includes a custom fully written intro event, starting brother flavor text, and a custom origin mechanic allowing you to get a taste of the nomad's Distraction skill.

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The Desert Brothers origin mod adds a fully written custom origin with a new intro event and custom flavor text for starting brothers. Begin the game with three nomads and decent equipment, as well as the following traits:

- Fight Dirty: All starting and newly hired brothers gain the use of the nomad faction's Distract skill (renamed Dirty Trick). Each brother can use the skill once per battle.
- Bad Reputation: As bandits turned mercenary, most cities and city states are familiar with your past. Start the game with poor, but not hostile, relations with most major factions, and highborn characters will never join a band of former scum like you.

This mod aims to keep as close to the balance of other vanilla origins as possible.