Battle Brothers
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Beast Slayers are now ACTUALLY expert trophy hunters. Drop rate of trophies slightly increased for all beasts. Drop chance for second trophy increased to 85%

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The Beast Slayer start has always been my favorite origin despite the fact that, most of the time, the so called "Expert Skinner" bonus is about as superfluous as a third nipple. For a group of hunters dedicated to collecting trophies from beasts, they seem pretty incompetent when they fail to get ANYTHING from a slain beast, making the increased chance of getting a second item even more pointless.  With this mod, the standard drop rate for all beast trophies has been increased by 20% and the chance for a bonus item is now 85%. No more failed hunting expeditions! The mod should be compatible with anything in the standard game; however, I don't know if will work with the Legends mod since it's not something I use. 

Disclaimer: This is my first mod, and I made it expressly to suite my taste and, as such, it may be OP for some people. I would be interested in hearing feedback and will provide alternatives for a more balanced experience if that is something people want.