Battle Brothers
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This mod adds a new screen when staring a campaign where you can create your character. If your character dies it's game over, much like lone wolf scenario.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a character creator for all origins. All Vanilla origins have a preselected background (Barbarian for Northern raiders, Hunter for Poachers etc.). For additional origins (provided by mods) a default background will be Sellsword (if someone wants a different origin, modifying avatar_global.nut should be simple enough). Character created with this origin will be your avatar and if he dies it's game over.

If the origin already has an avatar character (such as Lone wolf) that character will be replaced by the one created. If it doesn't a new avatar character will be added. 

The character has 9 talents and 40 attribute points to distribute in a point buy system.
Starting values are average (rounded down) for each background.
Each attribute has a base cost of points to increase. 
Melee attack and Melee defense cost 6 points initially.
Initiative costs 3 points.
Everything else 4 points.
The more an attribute is increased, the more points it will cost.

For example: increasing hitpoints from 55 to 56 costs base 4 points, as well as increasing from 56 to 57. However increasing from 57 to 58 and 58 to 59 costs 5 points. If the background has more than average hitpoints (such as barbarian or hedge knight) then even initial cost might be higher than base.
Traits also cost points, with more powerful traits costing more and weaker traits costing less or nothing.
Current version is considered a beta playtest, although I'm convinced there shouldn't be major bugs (most of the work is done UI of the main menu). The reason it's beta is because there might be more balancing changes in the future.

Mod can be played with Blazing Deserts or without. If any of the previous expansions are missing that might cause the mod to not work properly.

Other mod requirements are: 
modding script hooks

Known bugs:
History field can break in new lines in the middle of the word. That's because textarea is not supported by the game UI, so a hack had to be made to make an input field multiline. I don't expect this to be ever fixed.

None that I know of, but possibly anything that modifies new campaign screens. Probably not compatible with legends mod.

Future roadmap if the mod turns to be popular:
1) bugfixes
2) option to not use it, basically skip the setting
3) UI improvements (such as tooltips explaining cost of attribute increase, etc)
4) setting appearance like with barber
5) rebalancing point buy system.