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This mod allows you tweak new campaign to your liking.
Mod contains such options as "Xp Gain Rate", "Daily Food Consumption", "Tools Efficiency", "Reputation Gain Rate" and many more.

Permissions and credits
Compatible with Beasts and Exploration and Warriors of the North DLCs and Campaign Map Config mod.
I have tested this mod on battle brothers v1.3.0.12.
This mod is not compatible with old saves you'll have to start new campaign in order for this mod to work.
This mod modifies the save file, so once installed, you will not be able to uninstall and reuse the same save file.
This mod requires version 10 of mod_hooks.

How it works:
Additional options were added to "new campaign" screen.
Xp Gain Rate:
  Sets expirience gain from each battle.
 Daily Food Consumption:
  Sets food consumption for every brother.
 Renown Gain Rate:
  Sets renown gain from completing quests.
 Relation Gain Rate:
  Sets relation gain with settlement from completing quests.
 Tools Efficiency:
  Sets repair speed and tools quantity for every point of damaged armor.
 Treasure Value:
  Sets value for treasures obtained from enemy outposts.
 Trading Goods Profit:
  Sets profit for selling trading goods that are not produced in settlement.
 Recruits Quantity:
  Sets quantity of available recruits in settlements.

Instructions on how to enable campaign tweakster mod:
1). Locate File Data Folder by going to:
- Steam Library - Right Clicking on "Battle Brothers" - Properties - Local Files - BROWSE LOCAL FILES - STEAM > commons > Battle Brothers > data
2). Drag "data_991" to the data folder.