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This mod returns a few perks to the game

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This mod adds a few different perks that were coded, but not active.  

If you want to test this is working, I also uploaded an additional file called "potion_stat_reset_test" which lets you craft potion of oblivion's at the taxidermist.

Battle Flow:  Once per turn, killing an opponent reduces current fatigue by 15% of the base maximum fatigue (before penalties due to armor are applied).
Bloody Harvest:  Gain "+10% chance to hit for all area of effect attacks.**
Devastating Strikes:  All damage inflicted is increased by +10% for any weapon used.
Full Force:  Put your full weight into every blow and gain +5% of your current body armor as additional maximum damage when attacking with melee attacks.
Inspiring Presence:  Allies start every battle at confident morale unless prohibited by character traits.
Lookout:  Learn to find your enemies before they find you. Vision is increased by +1.
Slaughterer:  Melee kills always are fatalities.
Reach Advantage:  If under 25 melee def, give +5 melee def per stack.  If over 25 melee defense, give +20% melee defense per stack.

* Once you save a game with this mod, you must have installed to play that save.
** Note that the skill tool tips do not reflect this. This is done purposely to reduce the mod impact.
*** This mod will impact any other mods that change perks.cnut, or strings.cnut

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