Battle Brothers
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New origin totemer available. The main charater can use power of totems, summon them and control them.

Permissions and credits
This is a test version- more details optimization, bug testing and balance needed.
Raise totem: Raise a totem on target ground. Have different effect on various grounds, even on dead bodies. 
Inspire totem: Inspire a totem. Target totem will increase base stats, and allow you to use more skills on it.
(About those skills, you need to inspire special totems and see.)
Totem protect: Totem get more attraction and reduce damage received until it's next turn. More effective on inspired ones.
Totem guard: give totem spearwall-Use on an inspired totem will give it spear mastery
Totem bash: bash an enemy in totem's zone of control, have more chance to hit if totem inspired.
Totem bomb:Detonate target totem. Only usable on inspired totems. User will also receive some direct damage.
Supplementary notes
Raise totem:
Max totem amount is 1(lv1-3) 2(lv4-6) 3(lv7-9) 4(lv10-12) 5(13+)
Inspire totem:
All base stats of inspired totem will grow up over level(but if you don't inspire, it won't work)
Inspire an inspired totem before its turn start will cancel its turn, and after its turn will start its turn again
Totem protect and guard:
Use it before inspire will cause effect lose(because it will be removed at turn start)
Totems not so wise(i use brigand archer AI)
All totem skills is 3 AP and 10 fatigue except bomb(6 and 15)

If anyone want to join me creating and improve this mod, that will be my pleasure! And please report bugs to me if you meet any, i will fix it as soon as possible.
Welcome for balance ideas!