Battle Brothers
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update and change some weapons in bb.

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Fencing sword
now give lunge extra accuracy up to 10 decide by your init.
2H hammer
shatter now can hit target to 2 tiles away and stagger him. If he was blocked by terrain or other charaters along the road, he'll be stunned! Try to play billbard in bb.
now also do 33%dmg to head.
Warbrand(and rhomphaia)
increase its dmg and dmg against armor. Now its spilt and swing only cost 5AP and 20 stam.
2H flail
Now pound have 33%chance to stun, daze or stagger target- at least have one effect and only one.
Thresh have 25% chance to do so and remake it to a sweep.
increase flail's dmg and dmg against armor.
Orc heavy shields
increase base mdef and rdef t0 20- but shieldwall and knockback cost to 5ap. Sadly, it won't affect orc warriors.
Goblin crossbow
change it to a triple shoot version. shoot still 3ap but reload need 7AP now
now gash will deal extra dmg, up to 33% when fight against light armor enemies
spearwall do no dmg reduce when specilized.
hook also give target a debuff(take 15%more dmg )
Change it to a flamethrower, can used in melee, don't need to reload but still consume ammo.