Battle Brothers
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Adds new(ish) weapon skills for Greatsword/Sword and Throwable weapons.

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This mod does the following:

1.Adds Demolish armor skill for Greatsword ( Mordhau (basically beating the s*it out of someone with armor pommel of the greatsword)) can only be used if your brother has sword mastery
2.Adds puncture skill for arming sword/noble sword ( half-swording technique ) - also requires sword mastery perk
3.Throwing axe and javelin now both has melee skills attached to them


not fully tested, so expect bugs. Also probably extremely unbalanced because now you can use one weapon for several cases easily. Would welcome suggestions.

P.S: didn't really bother to use mod hooks because I have an IQ of a headless wasp that's just carrying his head and is still alive for some reason.
P.P.S: probably save game compatible. i think

How to Install:

extract zip file inside your data directory.