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Tired of the handgonne behaving like a useless confetti cannon? Well, fear no more! This brand new mod adds another gun to the game!
The Matchlock Arquebus also considered a forerunner to the flintlock musket is a form of long gun that appeared in Europe and the Ottoman Empire during the 15th century. Gun go boom, ape go ooh ooh ah ah Check

Permissions and credits
The mod is not meant to be balanced, its just meant to be fun.

The mod requires Legends to run!
Do not rename the file! Drop the .zip in the /data/ directory of your bbros

All the items can be found at weaponsmiths, they are pretty much guaranteed to spawn!

The Pike and Shot mod as of now adds 3 things to the game:

-The gun (Matchlock Arquebus), it goes boom and pew and chk on reload
-A big bag of bullets that can be bought instead of crafting.
-A bag containing a single Armor Piercing bullet that helps dispatch of armored targets easily.

It benefits from crossbow perks and behaves as such. Custom sounds included because guns go pew and chkchk

There are a few more planned features
-named guns
-probably more ammo
-more shitpost
-garand ping on reload probably dunno

- TaroEld for his patience of a real Saint
- Enclave for letting us use his art
- Luftwaffle for being a gudboi and making more beautiful art
- And everyone who unclogged my dumb brain whenever it got stuck reading the same code lines over and over
- Traze for being the goodest boy and testing this piece of crap work!

Feel free to adjust the values all you want! The mod is meant for fun, if you want a sniper rifle just go and make it be a sniper rifle!
If you want to drop its damage, do so! And have fun!