Battle Brothers
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A small change to make the combat more realistic with the crazy BB's RNG

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Ever wonder why those lucky hit of a clumsy attack deal full potential damage to a well trained veteran, Why a well trained veteran always deal full potential damage in the heat of the battle. The fact is that RNG on hit chance only is a flaw concept in the beginning. It make combat base on luck too much so that make player feel unreal. And unrealistic it is. A hit should do a full damage hit when and only when it's a perfect hit. And only a skilled combatant against lesser skilled combatant can be able to pull this off but not always. It's depend on the gap of skill. The higher the gap the more perfect hit occur.
So I will introduce the new concept here.

1. Let say 2 combatants with equal skill should hit 50% of the time and the perfect hit will be very hard to pull off or maybe never occur at all. So i decide to make a rolled of 50 or more a perfect hit, so the more skilled you are the more chance hit will do full damage. Hit chance below 50% will be consider a lesser skilled combatant and shouldn't do a perfect hit without extremely luck

2. The more the gap of skill the harder for lesser skilled combatant to do perfect hit and even the skilled combatant couldn't do perfect hit all the time. So for a rolled under 50, the lower the rolled the clumsier the attack. That mean the damage of the hit will decrease from 49 to 5 with 50% of the damage will be random from 1% to 50%. So a flaw hit(a normal hit) has to be lucky to do a good damage. A well trained veteran should do mostly normal hit now with perfect hit occur now and then depend on their skill

Just drop the .zip file into your game's data directory. No need to unzip it.