Battle Brothers
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Buffs/changes some of the Houndmaster Legend's class perks to make them more worthwhile/useful.

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Houndmaster Class Perk Buffs

This mod does four things:

1:  The Dog Breeder perk now also allows for "crafting" of warhounds instead of only wardogs. Warhounds cost 3 fresh meat instead of 2 and crafting units/taxidermist cost is 150 instead of 120 (easy enough to change).

2: The Dog Master perk now also can affect wolves (but not white wolves), dire wolves, and hyenas; this includes their frenzied counterparts where applicable. 

3: The Dog Whisperer perk now also grants the Push the Advantage and Slaughter perks to unleashed animals (perhaps a tad unbalanced for white wolves and bears; was mostly made in mind for dogs & hounds).

4: Bear fixed/changed to work with Dog Whisper, Dog Handling, and Pack Leader.

Probably save compatible. Rudimentarily tested.

Although this mod can be used with Accessory Companions, the Dog Whisperer extra perks may not carry over.