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Accessory Companion mod (by Vazl) extended to the Legends Warbear and White Wolf (not to be confused with White Dire Wolf). Additional integration with Legends content is planned.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a modification of Vazhl's Accessory Companions and is continued from wuxiangjinxing's own modification for Legends. All credits due for the aforementioned authors where applicable. Wuxiangjinxing has mentioned in the Legends discord that he presently does not plan to keep maintaining his version, and emphasises that all code is open source.

This mod should NOT be used together with the original Accessory Companions mod or wuxiangjinxing's version.

At present, the modification ensures that the Legends Warbear and White (War)Wolf (not to be confused with White Dire Wolf) also make use of AC's level-up system.

Further integration with Legend's content is planned.

Current version is based on AC 1.26.

Known Issues:
- Beastmaster doesn't spawn.


Probably going to be a long time before I get to all this (and no promises whatsoever), but some ideas I had for AC legends:

1: Have beast masters actually spawn.

2: Add some legends perks/traits to potential quirks.

3: More integration with some legends backgrounds (such as ranger and druid having a higher taming chance, and variants
on the "bear taming" perk for some backgrounds).

4: Add legends monsters (redback, white dire wolf, höllenhund, etc.).

5: Group potential quirks on a monster type/category basis.

6: More ways to acquire AC companions aside from taming (such as events, perks, a (very) small chance for wolves/spiders/hyenas/serpents in kennels/alchemist shops in north/forested/southern settlements; and for some companions to be “craftable” ).

7: Figure out how to ensure companions in the stash slots can get XP, and ditto (or at least some XP) for companions in inventory.

8: Beastmaster(s) starting scenario. And with that, I don't just mean a debug scenario.

9: Backgrounds (be it (variants of) existing or new backgrounds) specialising in particular creatures/creature groups.

10: More companions! Be it tamable or otherwise (Goblins in accessory slot? Hm...).

11: More creature specific perks/quirks (bite/claw/fang/web/etc mastery).

12: Figure out how to make (some) new companions scale somewhat in regard to their starting level, compared to (for instance) campaign days and bro level.

13: Maybe think of a way to add (levelled-up) companions to enemy parties, so it's not just a one-way street (sounds like a PITA to script, though.)

14: Armor/gear attachments for more than just dogs/hounds? (also seems like a PITA to do).

15: Have more effects influence taming chance (asleep, injuries, stunned, etc.).

Not necessarily in that order.

Likely will end up with two versions in the end: one that is relatively minimal and another that would be "extras".