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Lets you "tame" beasts as pets, level your pets up and have them gain additional attributes and skills.

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This is a revival of a very old mod of mine, rewritten and being expanded upon. It is currently not very balanced. Suggestions and feedback is most welcome!

* Pets gain experience when a brother, another pet or they themselves score a kill (gaining 33% less experience than the brothers receive, without lowering the brothers' gains). When they level up they get untalented improvements to their preferred attribute and two randomly selected ones (only +1 after level 11), as well as receiving a random "quirk" (perk, trait, skill) selected from a list of allowed ones. Upon reaching level 11 they receive the "Good Boy" quirk which will increase their base damage as they continue to gain levels.
* Pets can be re-leashed and removed from the battlefield, but they can only be unleashed once per battle. (inspired by MrBrut's recent mod)
* Pets add to the party's strength.
* Most beasts have a 4% chance to drop a lootable level 1 accessory pet of their type when killed.
* Tooltips have had their height extended in order for all of the pet information to fit. They should also no longer be able to end up outside of the screen. (variant of what MrBrut did in his mod)

Pet type (max tamable)
Wardog (12), Warhound (12), Wolf (6), Direwolf (4), Frenzied Direwolf (2), Hyena (4), Frenzied Hyena (2), Webknecht (6), Serpent (4), Nachzehrer (4), Alp (2), Unhold (1), Armored Unhold (1), Schrat (1), Lindwurm (1)

Learnable quirks
PERKS  --  Fast Adaptation, Crippling Strikes, Colossus, Nine Lives, Pathfinder, Adrenaline, Executioner, Dodge, Resilient, Steel Brow, Backstabber, Anticipation, Relentless, Overwhelm, Lone Wolf, Underdog, Berserk, Head Hunter, Nimble, Fearsome, Killing Frenzy, Indomitable, Battle Flow, Devastating Strikes, Battering Ram, Stalwart, Sundering Strikes
TRAITS  --  Huge, Lucky
OTHER  --  Throw Dirt (if user has Blazing Deserts), Rage

* Further balance pets' party strength values and max taming amount with how ridiculously strong they can become.
* Ability to tame/enslave beasts  --  most beasts are now "tamable".
* More pet types, hired mercenaries, and special pets..
* More learnable perks, traits and active skills ,possibly entirely new creations of such  --  slight extensions have been made over time.
* Additional name lists for various types of pets  --  some new namelists are now in use.
* Being able to rename pets.
* Friendlier with savefiles  --  assuming no conflicts with other mods, this mod can now load savefiles that were created without it, and savefiles that were created with this mod installed can now be loaded without it.
* Better hooks and less code overwriting in general  --  hooks have been improved and less code is being overwritten.

Download one of the available versions and place the zip-file in your \Battle Brothers\data folder.

Adam's mod_hooks.

This mod modifies and/or overwrites a lot of functions in the wardog, warhound, armored versions and wolf accessory item scripts (scripts/items/accessory/), the "onUse" functions of dog armor upgrade item scripts (scripts/items/misc/), "" of ui/screens/tooltip/modules/tooltip_module.css and the "setupUITooltip" function of ui/screens/tooltip/modules/tooltip_module.js.