Battle Brothers
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A WIP collection of my submods for Legends. Will be updated whenever I make something new or update my old submods.

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An assortment of small submods for Legends.

Usually nothing but Legends.

Download the respective .zip file, put it into [BB]/data folder without unpacking.

Masters (a.k.a. The Elite Few)
Legends' version:
Adds special Master bros. Their frequency varies from ~1% for cripples to ~5% for hedge knights (unique/ultra-rare backgrounds - Vala, Seer, Ranger, Noble, Crusader - will always be master bros). Master bros are pretty much the same bros (and can be obtained the same ways as usual) except for the following:
- they have max rolls in all attributes (changes made by perk groups still apply);
- they have 4 talents (probability of 1/2/3 stars = 15/55/30 respectively, not 60/30/10) and these talents are quite likely to be suitable for them perk- and attribute-wise;
- they will receive perk points every 4 veteran levels;
- they have a "Master" trait that gives them +5 initiative, they can never have purely negative traits;
- for the purpose of difficulty scaling, their level counts as actual_lvl * (125 + base_lvl1_upkeep/2)/100;
- their recruitment cost is 200 + base_cost*2, their upkeep is 9 + base_upkeep*((20-base_lvl1_upkeep/2)/100+1);
- starting bros can't be master bros (for the sake of seed compatibility);
- skeletons and zombies can't be master bros;
Optional file: cheat version where everyone's master. Mutually exclusive with main version.

No board has changed
Legends' version:
Turns off the spam.

Better King's Guard
Legends' version:
Requirements: "Masters" (either version).
- king's guard has a "Master" trait and is a master (in this case it means max attribute rolls, higher upkeep and difficulty scaling; but he'll still have his 3 - not 4 - guaranteed talents and perk points every 5 - not 4 - veteran levels).
- when he's recruited (as a cripple), he has Lucky trait.
- when he recovers, he receives Fearless, Loyal and Strong traits as well as guaranteed Shield perk tree (you'll still have to learn the perks).
- the score (probability) of both king's guard events now scales with time passed, so in the long run you're just bound to find him.
Warning: regardless of whether you use my mod or not, be careful with the 2nd event. Legends still have a bug when conversion of an unarmed bro from one background to another breaks the game. So make sure your KG has a weapon.

Male Face Fix
Legends' version:
Fixes "blackface" issue when male recruits have white body but southern face.
Also removes 4 fugliest faces (2 native ones, 2 Legends ones) from the list of possible random male faces (won't affect "wild" backgrounds: barbarian, wildman, berserker).
The fix will only affect recruits generated by the game after you install the mod.

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