Battle Brothers
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Current version of mode contains:
Warrior background with separate perk tree (protection and attack perks from World of Warcraft Classic talent tree).
Perks, skills and buffs for Warrior perk tree with audio, gfx and description.
Scenario "Brothers in Arms" with two warriors (protection a

Permissions and credits
Plans for release.
New character from every WoW class can be hired in the different random cities and villages, the same way as characters with original backgrounds. Player can combine original characters and new wow characters and use all of them in the battle. All characters should be leveled to the highest possible level.
WoW characters should have separate talent tree. There can be implemented talents (or perks) from different WoW specialization, for example Protection Spec Warrior talents and Arms Spec Warrior talents should be added to the same Perk Tree of Warrior. Player can select perks as he wants.

After certain conditions will be executed, Raid Dungeons should be added into the world. Raid or dungeon bosses from the World of Warcraft game will be met by player. If player want come in into dungeon, he should use only new characters of this modification. After all npc in dungeon will be killed, new raid places appears in the world.
For the future the plan is to add WoW-like equipment in addition to standard weapons and equipment of this modification. Also such equipment should be used by certain character classes and additional bonuses should be added to the user with full sets of equipments, as this is done by using raid sets of World of Warcraft.

Current version.
01.1 init mode version contains:
Warrior background: separate perk tree.
Warrior background: skills, perks, audio, gfx.
Debug scenario with 3 warriors, gold, re-spec possibility.
Game scenario with 2 warriors for mode playing.

Future version.
All characters from wow should be implemented.
  • warrior
  • paladin
  • hunter
  • rogue
  • druid
  • warlock
  • priest
  • mage
Dungeons from classic wow should be implemented.
Items and sets from classic wow should be implemented.

Compatible/non-compatible addon info.
This addon is compatible and tested with
  • mod_faster
  • mod_pause
  • mod_tryout_talents
  • mod_settlement_situation_tooltip
  • mod_weightedTalents
This addon is not compatible with
  • Legends
  • Translation addons (ZoG Forum Team)