Battle Brothers
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Makes attributes&traits of potential recruits always visible.

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Are you tired of roleplaying a halfwit who just can't understand it's a good idea to test potential recruits before hiring them? Have your character(s) never thought of giving them a sword and a shield and asking them to block some strikes or giving them a bow and asking to shoot a target or asking them to do some simple exercises that would test their reflexes and stamina?
If so, then this mod is for you.

It makes all recruits' attributes and traits permanently visible. No more absurdly expensive tryouts, no more blind "purchases".

The first number is the base actual value of the attribute, without effects from traits or current equipment.
The second number is the maximum possible roll for such attribute for a character of this background.
Stars show the talents, as usual.

Tested on & compatible with BB (updated for BDs by Endur1el).
Requires script hooks (vanilla version only).
Incompatible with other mods that modify the recruitment screen.

UPDATE 22.12.2020 (Vanilla):
- Dismiss button was added - allows you to dismiss a recruit at a price equal to his hiring cost minus the selling cost (generous 20%) of his equipment (in other words, it is the same as hiring & firing him, just faster). If you want it to be free, see below how to edit that.
- Starting values of a hired bro are now also saved in his background description in Vanilla (like it was done months ago for Legends version).
- Support of non-standard attribute layout was discontinued. Too many versions to manage. :)

Alternative version was added. It is supposed to be more realistic/"middle ground".
Its features/differences:
1) Basic attributes are still always visible.
2) The following traits are always visible: Asthmatic, Athletic, Cocky, Determined, Dexterous, Dumb, Eagle Eyes, Fat, Greedy, Hesitant, Huge, Impatient, Iron Jaw, Night Owl, Short Sighted, Spartan, Strong, Swift, Tiny.
These are traits that are either:
- completely obvious (Fat, Huge, Tiny etc.) or
- become more or less obvious during simple communication (Dumb, Cocky, Impatient etc.) or basic tests (Asthmatic, Hesitant, Short Sighted) or
- positive traits that are obvious to the one who has them and who would most likely mention or demonstrate them (Spartan, Swift, Night Owl etc.)
3) All the other traits require a tryout to be revealed.
4) Talents require a tryout to be revealed.
5) BONUS! To make those expensive (almost 1000 for expensive bros - jeez, I wonder where all this money goes) and extensive tryouts more valuable (and logical), they now also give you information on the bro's potential: the number in round brackets is the value of the respective attribute this bro will have by level 11 (without effects from traits or current equipment) if you always pick this attribute on level ups.

Do not install both versions at the same time, they're mutually exclusive.
Legends version (updated&tested on test build 15_0_0_13 (should still work on nexus build 15.0.1)) - only standard/main version with standard/base-game layout. I.e., in this version there are no tryouts, but if you want to dismiss a recruit, you'll have pay a price equal to the tryout sum. You do not need modhooks for Legends version, they're already integrated in legends, so make sure you do not have them in your data folder.
If you want dismissing to be free, edit the file from /scripts/!mods_preload/, find the following line:
hiringCost = this.Math.max(hiringCost, 0);
replace it with
hiringCost = 0;
then save & put it back into the .zip archive.