Battle Brothers

This game doesn't have official mod support, so unfortunately we have to decompile every file, resulting errors before we've even made a change. In a game with this much procedural content it is hard to test every combination, so we really appreciate any help you can give with bug reports.

Reporting bugs

The best place to report bugs is the #bugs chanel in Discord, so we can chat to you and ask questions about the issue. Other
users there may also be able to help,

Log and Save files

The most useful thing for us is the log file and save game when the issue occured. You can find both in your documents folder:

C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Battle Brothers

Other mods

One of the most common reasons for issues is mod incompatibility.  So let us know if you are running another mod when the issue happened, and try to confirm if the issue still happens if you take off other mods.

Clean install directory

Even if you don't have any mods now, sometimes old mods might still be in your data directory.
steamapps\common\Battle Brothers\data

This directory should have only the data***.dat files and the mod zip file. 

Latest version of Battle Brothers

We only confirm the mod to work with the latest Steam version of Battle Brothersm, if you got Battle Brothers somewhere else or have an old version we probably can't make it work fo you

Latest version of Legends

We release updates all the time to fix issues. Your issue may be resolved in the latest version of the mod. We can't gaurantee backwards compatibility with older saves, but often upgrading the mod version to the latest resolves issues.

Sorry if you're having issues, we do try and fix them as soon as we hear about them. Please let us know about your issue so it doesn't end up ruining someone elses game too :)

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  1. Con7esT
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    i downlod that mod today do test out, and i have new version BB

    and i got many critical errors :

    unable open file:sounds/combat/dlc2/Lunge_move01.wav to lunge_move04.wav
    and ......................................................................lunge_attack_hit_01 and 02

    also sling shot errors (sound move/ hit and miss )
  2. corwin9
    • premium
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    it doesn't work... critical error unable to open file "shader/solid_pass etc.....
  3. human004
    • premium
    • 4 posts
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    Thanks for adding this! It’s great to have the info all in one place.