Battle Brothers

 Monster Hunt

Hark! The beasts approach!!

In this release we wanted to expand on the ideas of monster hunting and beast slaying introduced in the DLCs.

 You begin by selecting a favored enemy beast, indicating you are ready to start down the beast hunting path. This will give you an immediate +5% bonus to damage, melee and ranged attack against your chosen foe. 

Now you will need to begin hunting your enemy, for each one you kill, you will become better at fighting them, after killing 100 strength worth of enemies, your bonus grows by +1% damage, melee and ranged. This bonus scales indefinitely, the more you kill, the stronger you become.

If you favor an enemy that isn't a beast, ever ten kills increases your chance of encountering a champion by 1%.

If you favor a beast, word will spread and you'll be offered brand new four skull contracts to hunt more difficult versions of your chosen foe. These contracts will be exceptionally difficult, but offer huge rewards and unique legendary items.

Redback spider

Elite spiders that have a poison dealing 10 damage each turn, decreasing by 1 damage per turn over 10 turns. Damage is doubled when in a web.  The have increased AP so they can web and bite at the same time, or bite twice in a turn. Increased stats and improved AI.

 Drops Redback poison, can be used to craft: 
Redback spider helm - made from the carapace of a redback spider, grants the web skill
 Redback cloak - made from silk of a redback spider, grants 50% ranged damage reduction
Redback dagger - made from the fangs and poison gland of a redback spider, inflicts redback poison 
To hunt them and unlock their contract, take the 'Favoured Enemy Webnechts' perk

White Wolf

 Elite direwolves with increased AP so they can attack three times in a turn applying overwhelm. Or howl twice increasing their allies resolve by 30 each time.  All other stats increased, and more cunning AI. Increased stats over frenzied direwolves. 

Drops white wolf pelt that can be used to craft:
White wolf helm - decreased the morale of adjacent enemies by 20 
  White wolf cloak - decreased the morale of adjacent enemies by 20 and increases armor by 30 
 You can also unlock a rare white war wolf pet, If you take the right path. 

   Skin Ghoul 

Elite nimble ghouls with grotesque elongated arms that can reap in an arc over two tiles, applying 5-10 damage, a 5hp bleed and a 25% chance to decapitate or disembowel. Those values are multiplied by the ghoul's size so a Tier 3 skin ghoul can hit all of your units within 2 tiles for 15-30 damage, with 15 bleed, a 75% chance to decapitate and a 75% chance to disembowel. Increased stats, improved AI, and footwork.   
Drops Skin Ghoul skin that can be used to craft:
Skin Ghoul Helmet - Medium armor that grants the wearer the ability to devour corpses to heal 
         Skin Ghoul Armor - Medium armor that grants the ability to heal each turn  
    Skin Ghoul Blood potion - Can be used to heal 10% of your missing health per turn, over 4 turns.  To hunt them, take the 'Favoured Enemy Nachzehrers' perk

  Demon Alp 

Elite Alps who cast a burning realm with four shadows per turn. They levitate and summon fields of flame filled with tormented souls, combined with a horrifying scream and the ability to feast on corpses. Increased stats and improved AI  
50% chance of dropping Demon Alp Skin 
80% chance of dropping a Demon's Third Eye that can be used to craft 
Demon Alp Helm - Grants horrific scream  
Demon Alp Trophy - Grants +10% experience gain.
Normal alp trophies now grant +5% experience gain 
  50% chance of dropping helm rune stone 
To hunt them and unlock their contract, take the 'Favoured Enemy Alps' perk

Greenwood Schrat

 Elite Schrats with an even tougher shield that spawn many more greenwood saplings, who in turn spawn regular saplings. They just keep on multiplying. Increased stats 
50% chance of dropping ancient green wood that can be used to craft:
Heartwood shield - regenerates 20% durability each turn in combat 
  Heartwood sap potion - grants 3 turns of perfect focus 
50% chance of dropping a shield rune stone.

To hunt them and unlock their contract, take the 'Favoured Enemy Schrats' perk

Rock Unhold

 Elite Unholds with thick armor that regenerates in addition to their health regenerating. Increased stats 
Drops Rock Unhold Bones and Hide that can be used to craft: 
    Helm of the Mountain - heavy armor that regenerates durability each turn  
  Armor of the Mountain - heavy armor that regenerates durability each turn 

 The contract to hunt these beasts is unlocked by a bro selecting 'Favoured Enemy Unhold' perk.


Elite wurms that can burrow across the map and regenerate health each turn. Increased stats

Drops Stollwurm blood and scales That can be used to craft  
Stollwurm helmet - very durable, gives immunity to knockback and grab, immunity to surround maluses, and 0 fatigue from being hit (stalwart, steadfast and battleheart)
  Stollwurm scale cloak - Adds 80 durability and immunity to stun and acid  
    Stollwurm blood - grants 3 turns of indominatable   
50% chance of dropping an armor rune stone 

The contract to hunt stollwurms is unlocked by a bro selecting 'Favoured Enemy Lindwurm' perk.

Coven Leader

 Elite Hexe that can charm for five turns and hex multiple mercenaries each turn. 
50% chance of dropping Glowing hexen hair that can be used to craft 
Hexe Leader charm - Grants +10 Resolve 
Hexe Leader cloak - Grants +25% Resolve 
 Gnarled staff - grants Hex spell to the wielder 
           Potion of Ichor - Grants +20 Health and Fatigue every turn for eight turns, also applies goblin poison for three turns  
  50% chance of dropping weapon rune 

Dynamic Perks

Over the past few releases we've been trialling custom perk trees for different backgrounds, and your feedback has been overwhelmingly positive about this idea. While running these trials, we have also been building up a perk library, with the goal of massively increasing the perks available to all mercenaries.

With this release we have gone all out and given every mercenary you hire a unique perk tree. We have assembled a library of over 260 perks, then arranged them into groups of perks that have synergy together. 

We then assigned those groups by hand to each background, so that every background had guaranteed access to thematically appropriate perks. 

However, those background groups only make up half of each mercenary's tree. The other half is randomly picked from the perk groups, providing variety while retaining the synergies.  

Each mercenary gets 6 of the 15 weapon groups, 2 of the five defence groups, and eight from the 13 traits, 8 enemy groups and 6 class groups. This provides millions of possible combinations.

The wiki has more about the Perk groups and what each background has.

Medium armor skills

There is a very strong nimble vs battleforged divide that drives mercenaries to the extremes. We wanted to break this dichotomy and encourage other kinds of armor.
New Perk 'Balance' grants up to 30 bonus melee and ranged defense if your current body armor is equal to twice your current initiative. The bonus decreases for every point of difference between the two, to a minimum of +5. 
New Perk 'Lithe' - Like nimble, but with the 15 fatigue floor raised to 30, and the damage mitigation reduced. 
  New Perk 'Matching Set' grants up to 5 fatigue per round if your helmet and armor values match. 

Stealth skills

Devious backgrounds can get a little sneaky
New Perk 'Camouflage' - Master of concealment and blending in. Can hide from enemies in any terrain until next attack or moving adjacent to enemy. Can't be activated if adjacent to enemy.
New Perk 'Blend In' - Makes enemies 50% less likely to attack you instead of someone else

Unarmed skills

Unarmed skill has always been strong in legends, it scales off initiative and hitpoints. Now there are three new perks to give more depth:
New Perk 'Kicking' - Active skill to push back and fatigue enemies
New Perk 'Grappling' - Active skill to stun and fatigue enemies
New Perk 'Unarmed Mastery' -Reduces fatigue and increase armor penetration unarmed attacks
 Of course brawlers are guaranteed all three, and a nice punching damage buff. 

Bard class

You'll find minstrels and troubadours have some new tricks up their sleeves, having gained:
Daze to off put enemies
Entice to control the battlefield.
New Perk 'Drums Of War' - active skill to reduce the fatigue of all allies 

Healer class

Monks and Nuns have also got some new abilities, with 'Bandage mastery' to stop the bleeding, and 'medical ingredients' that will help pay for:
New perk 'Field Triage' - lets you spend 5 medicine to heal 1 hit point in battle

Repair class

Blacksmiths and Seamstresses are not to be outdone, in addition to two tool storage perks, they have picked up
New perk 'Field Repairs' - lets you spend 5 armor parts to repair 1 point of damage in battle 

Chef Class

Butchers, bakers and servants can help out too with: 
New perk 'Field Treats' - lets you spend 50 food to bring mercenaries from wavering to steady

Staff Skills

We have had staff mastery for a while, but it was mainly used by the seer. Now we have added two more perks to make staves a more interesting option
New Perk 'Staff Spins' - Any staff hit that would usually daze, also stuns 
New Perk 'Staff blocks' - Wielding a staff grants +20 melee defense 

Greatsword skills
Sword mastery split into sword mastery and greatsword mastery. 

  • Sword mastery - Riposte has no penalty to hit chance, Slash, Gash and Lunge gain +5% chance to hit
  • Greatsword Mastery  - Split, Swing, Overhead Strike and Great Slash gain +5% chance to hit
  • Greatswords are Greatsword, Longsword, Warbrand and Rhomphaia
  • Greatswords have Great Slash Instead of Slash. Great Slash costs 3 more fatigue, but grants +30% armor penetration. 
New Perk 'Forceful Swings' grants +10% damage to AOE attacks 

Spear skills

New Perk 'Spearwaller' grants -25% fatigue usage on spearwall, stacks with spear mastery
New Perk 'Thrust Master' grants +15% damage on the 'Thrust' skill

Other new skills

New Perk 'Assured Conquest' - 10% melee skill, melee defense and range defense when at confident moral.
"Smackdown" grants 50% chance to knockback enemies when you have more health and fatigue than them. added to hammer group
New perk "Smashing Shields" deal +10% shield damage on any hit, added to axe group
”Clarity” adds + 1 AP if you don’t have berserk 
“Alert” adds +20% initiative
 ”Bloodbath” adds +5% fatigue and resolve for each bleeding character on the field
”Onslaught” grants 50% chance to daze an enemy on any attack where you have more initiative and fatigue than them

“Back to basics” adds a chance to rally when you take damage

'Sling mastery' adds much more accuracy than before, though slings also begin with less accuracy. Sling staves gain 'bash'

Better obituaries

Boyski's has given us permission to integrate his Entire Better Obituaries mod into Legends, showing each mercenary's background, traits, stats and talents.

Shield Rework

You didn't think we'd throw new monsters at you without some new tools to fight them?

We have added 48 paintable tower shields, these gigantic shields offer maximum protection at a hefty weight cost. Available at armorsmiths or near military attached location

They come with the 'Fortify' skill to shield surrounding allies
They also have the 'Safegaurd' skill to sacrifice some of your own defense to shield someone else.  
Bucklers gain "Buckler Bash" skill to daze enemies
Parrying daggers gain the "Engarde" skill to lower enemy defenses 

Glaives and Swordstaves

Glaives are halfway between a sword and a spear, with slash and spearwall 
Sword staves are halfway between a spear and a fencing sword, with thrust and spearwall.

New events

Thanks to a new contributor Anrio, we have some new events.
  • Adds barbarian vs shieldmaiden event
  • Adds blacksmith crafts armor event
  • Adds blacksmith fixes equipment event
  • Adds butcher vs donkey event 

New Starts
We have two new starts that take full advantage of the dynamic perk system's randomness, by being completely random starts.
  • New start: Random Trio. Three random level 2 backgrounds. Very useful for trying the new perk trees and adding extensive replayability.  It is possible to get any combination of any legends background, including three warlocks. Some of these combinations may have unexpected interactions.
  • New start: Random Solo. Level 4 avatar of a random background.  

Existing Starts

  • Warlock's deathly spectre reduced from 90% chance to resurrect to 66% chance 
  • Warlock can trigger cultist events

  • Berserker rage nerfed. lowered to 1 stack per hit from 3 and 3 stacks per kill, from 5. Falloff per turn raised to 2 from 1. 
  • Nudist nerfed.  requires no clothes, damage reduction scaling reduced from 40 to 30%. 
  • Berserker gets kick, grapple and unarmed mastery
  • True believers are no longer affected by allies fleeing or dying. 
  • Crusader gets shield bash, shield push, shield mastery and field repair. Undead enemy perks now scale.  
  • Crusader will find monks as he should
  • Noble non-supporter cost lowered from 50% to 25% to standardise with other starts
  • Noble gains first triage, tools drawer and field repairs. Favored enemy groups spread out. 
  • Noble warriors and soldiers are a bit more expensive due to having good perks 
  • Big Game hunter nerfed. Calculation fixed so you correctly gain percentage damage rather than multiplier damage. Effectively 100 times less damage. Can still one hit kill things, but you have to be low on health, as intended.
  • Ranger hires should trigger in big cities
  • Ranger gets 'blend in' and 'camouflage' perks to enable sneaky play. 
  • Favored enemy perks spread out
  • Fixes Second Wind perk from crashing battles
  • Fixed nightvision to correctly apply
  • Teleport nerfed to 40 fatigue, to match darkflight.  
  • Levitate fixed to only apply for one turn
  • There are now Wildwomen, they are good fighters and one starts in your front line. All wildling events updated accordingly the wildwomen spawn in the same places as wildmen, though less likely.  
  • Peddlers and cultists have 10% chance of being women, events updated. 
  • Archery contests can attract female nobles, Disbanded troops situations can attract shieldmaidens 
  • Female background balance pass, this increases the variability of backgrounds, allowing for outliers who are significantly better or worse than the average. This applies to:  
    • Farmhands and milkmaids, Millers and bakers, Minstrels and troubadours, Servants and housemaids, Tailors and housemaids, Thieves and pickpockets, wildmen and wildwomen, Disowned and adventurous nobles and ladies.
  • Adventurous female nobles now have potential to roll the highest ranged skill of any background. They also have a perk to become the best archer in the land.
  • Deserters have guaranteed skills for spears, dagger, shield and heavy armor. They are fit, large, trained and devious. 
  • Deserters will find more deserters, retired soldiers, disowned nobles, bastards and swordmasters for hire. Their hires have a 60% chance of being cowards
  • Deserter volunteers will arrive twice as often. 
  • Barbarians have guaranteed skills for greatsword, axes, hammers and light armor. They are large, vicious and sturdy, and have perks for hunting civilians, mercenaries and nobles. 
  • Fixes raider recruits having too many traits
  • Raider volunteers arrive twice as often 

Lone Wolf: 
  • Hedgeknights are guaranteed skills for: Greatsword, polearm, axes, heavy armor. they are Trained, Fit, Vicious and have a perk for becoming the best swordsman in the lands.  
  • Cultists are guaranteed skills for Cleaver, Flail, cat'o'nine tails and medium armor. They are Vicious, Tenacious, Devious, Martyrs 
  • Cultist volunteers and sacrifices happen twice as often. 
  • Cultists have a 10% chance of being women, all of their events updated accordingly

  • Poachers are guaranteed skills for bow, slings, shortbow, light armor. They are Agile, Fast, Vicious and have skills for hunting beasts. 
  • hunting events happen twice as often.
  • Every background now has guaranteed perk groups and random perk groups. This makes militia the most variable of all starts.
  • Fixes tool tips on bribe, hover on an enemy and then view the tooltip

Download it now!! 

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      Sorry you feel that way Hauzey. I just went through the bug reports to provide updates for this release, and beta 12 reduced the outstanding bugs from 45 to 19, most of the outstanding bugs are awaiting more info from their reporters.