Batman: Arkham Origins
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This is an all new version of my mod "Arkham Origins Console Cheats:" that works as DLC and does not require any console unlocker or any console.txt file to use.

Permissions and credits
-This is an all new version of my mod Arkham Origins Console Cheats
-This mod does not require any "CONSOLE.txt or Console Unlocker"!!!
-This mod does not overwrite or replace any files!!!
-Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to edit my mod, re-upload my mod to this site and claim it as their own or upload my mod to any other site!!!

How To Install:
-Extract the "Arkham Origins DLC Cheats Trainer.7z" with "7Zip".
-Inside the "Arkham Origins DLC Cheats Trainer.7z" file will be a "SinglePlayer" folder.
-Copy the "SinglePlayer" folder and paste it into your "Batman Arkham Origins" folder (C or D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Origins).

How To Use the "Cheats Trainer":
"Hotkeys are F2-F12"
"After pressing each hotkey the game's autosave icon will appear, indicating that the cheats have been activated"
"To disable cheats quit and reload game"

F2) Godmode.
F3) Extended Grapple Height & Distance.
F4) Extra Long Bat Claw.
F5) Arkham Knight Style Gliding.
F6) Glide Faster/Further.
F7) Super Powered' Batarangs.
F8) One Hit Counter Attacks.
F9) Infinite Shock Gloves/Heat Gloves & Breakable Walls.
F11) Use gadgets while in Corner Cover, Use gadgets while on Gargoyle, Protects you from falling off edges & Unlimited Smoke Pellets.
F12) Start New Game with ALL UPGRADES/GADGETS (resets after quitting & reloading game).